Credit Card Power Banks Explained

Credit Card Power Banks Explained

Our Credit Card Power Banks are exceptionally popular, and with good reason. A large flat surface area with plenty of space for advertising your logo and/or marketing message means potential for very intricate or bold designs and this makes it an excellent products for branding.

The design of the Credit Card Power Bank means that it is highly portable. It has a compact design, and with the same rough dimensions as the average bank card (the only difference is that it is a little thicker) it is easily portable, fitting into wallets and purses as easily as it does pockets.

Our credit card power banks have multiple different connectors and are able to be used with a wide variety of different smart phones or tablets, allowing for universal connection to all modern widely used smart phones.

Credit card power bank connector types Victoria secret branded credit card power bank

A lightning cable allows for connection with the ever popular Apple iPhones, from the iPhone 5 and beyond. A micro USB connector ensures mid-generation Androids are able to be charged, whilst the USB-C adaptor connects to newer Android phones.

So how does a 3 in 1 cable built in within the Credit Card Power Bank work? On one side of the cable is a Lightning connector, turn it over 180 degrees and it is a Micro USB connector! If you need to use the Type C adaptor, simply plug the built in cable into the adaptor hidden inside the casing and slide it out, and it's ready to go.

This product combines easy and eye catching visuals with a convenient and portable design, and flexible usage, and so it's no wonder that it has become one of the most powerful power banks on the market today.

credit card power bank with lightning cable and micro USB cable credit card power bank with USB type c adaptor

Take a look at our video below, which explains the Power Bank.


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