Could You Pay for Your World Challenge Trip by Selling USB Memory Sticks

It’s that time of the year when lots of schools are beginning to think about their World Challenge Trips for next year and in some cases, because the amount of fundraising required, the year beyond.

Although some of these expeditions can cost £3,000 or more per student demand is usually pretty strong and often there is a clamour for the limited spaces on offer. It’s perhaps no surprise really when you consider that you might find yourself trekking in Bolivia or working with one of the local schools in Sri Lanka. Whatever and wherever the expedition is you can be pretty sure that it will challenge you physically; that it will help you to develop a whole range of personal skills and that you’ll build new friendships that will last a lifetime.

In some respects the biggest challenge of signing up for any of the World Challenge expeditions is raising the money to pay for the trip. The expectation (unless you’ve got wealthy parents) is that any participant will raise about 80% of the cost of the trip themselves from a number of fundraising activities – that’s typically about £2,800 so it’s no mean feat!

So, if you’ve been fortunate to get a place on one of the expeditions but now you’re worried about how you raise the money the first thing to say is “Don’t panic”. There are lots of forums on the web that will help with ideas and there are plenty of Facebook groups that will offer advice and support. Often it will mean working as a “group” and getting yourself organised – common fund raising activities include things like Bag packing, Sponsored bike rides, Skydiving, Quiz nights and so on.

Something a little different that you might like to consider is selling branded USB memory sticks - versions of USB sticks that have been printed with your school logo on and/or possibly details of the Challenge trip.

USB memory sticks are really popular at the moment because they’re easy to use; they’re small and handy to carry around. At school or university they are an absolute necessity to take work between school and home so pretty much every student needs one. They’re not expensive to buy and they can be sold at a reasonable profit to the other students. There are also loads of great designs to choose from including some really neat “snap” wristband USB sticks.

World Challenge Fund Raising With USB Wristbands World Challenge Fund Raising With USB Wristbands

There are lots of opportunities to sell USB memory sticks printed with a brand or logo including selling them to your friends, your fellow students and your teachers, lecturers and family! If your school holds sports days, award ceremonies, stages plays or has musical performances then you could record these and load the video footage and/or photographs onto the USB sticks and sell them to pupils and parents.

Ideally you need to find supplier (like USB2U) that is sympathetic to your fundraising requirements and will offer them to you at a discount and will ideally offer you 30-day payment terms meaning you won’t have to pay upfront for them. You may need to ask you school to place the order on your behalf to secure the payment terms but if you can do this then you’ve got around a month to sell some before you have to pay for them.

If you think selling printed or engraved USB memory sticks might be a good way to raise money for your expedition then get in touch with USB2U – it’s free to call on their 0800 number!

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