Colourful Presentation Tin Gift Boxes for your USB Memory Sticks

If you want to make an impact when you hand out your USB memory sticks then one sure way of grabbing people’s attention is to supply them in a customised gift box of some description.

There are plenty of “standard” flimsy cardboard gift boxes available and lots of USB memory stick suppliers will offer these free of charge but their principal function is to protect the USB stick rather than help to lift the perceived value of it or help to drive out any message about your brand/company.

One step up from the standard white gift boxes are rigid high quality “flip top” cardboard boxes (available in black or white). These look very great printed or engraved and because of their size there is plenty of space to do something special with your logo and make an impact. Surprisingly given the quality of the boxes they are not that expensive and they are can be delivered in as little as 24 hours.

Unlike the “standard” gift boxes these “flip top” boxes all come with custom cut foam inserts that hold the USB sticks firmly in place.

If you really want to push the boat out you could elect to use one of our tin box solutions. These are the “gold standard” of gift box and they come in a variety of different sizes and styles including removable lid, flip lid, window lid and solid lid. The lids of the tin boxes can be printed in full colour and if you use the full space available to you on the lid (the non-window versions) then the impact is truly impressive.

Like the “flip top” boxes all of our tins come with custom cut foam inlays that different for each model of USB stick they are used with.

Tin Gift Boxes for USB Memory Sicks

We carry tens of thousands of boxes and tins in stock in the UK and providing we have the right foam inlay for the USB sticks you choose we can typically supply the boxes or tins printed engraved in as little as 24hrs. The minimum order is just 25 and the prices are pretty attractive but the do vary depending on whether you want the unprinted, printed or engraved so you’re best to call or email us for a price. If you’re ordering printed USB memory sticks then spending a little bit extra on some high impact boxes is definitely a sound investment!

Presentation Tins for USB Memory Sticks

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