Clip On USB Flash Drives That Are Hard To Shake Off

Lots of schools and companies are buying USB flash drives to hand out to the students, to promote their business or to develop their brand. Whatever your reasons for buying them you want them to be functional (to work as a USB flash drive) but you also need them to reflect your school or company’s brand values. Choosing the right style of USB flash drive for your project can be daunting!

Examples of the Clip USB Flash Drive Examples of the Clip USB Flash Drive

There are loads of different styles, colours and shapes of USB flash drive on the market today and most are easily customised (printed or engraved). Most are manufactured from plastic, some from metal and a smaller number from wood (bamboo) or PVC. Some have a cap, others “rotate” or “swivel” to protect the USB connector, some come with a lanyard or key ring attachment and others are secured by slipping them onto your wrist (USB wristbands) or clipping them onto your pocket (USB pens).

Just to make the decision process more interesting/challenging there are lots of new models of USB Flash Drives entering the market weekly and one that has already attracted lots of interest is the USB Clip. This is a small, tactile, metal USB flash drive that, as the name implies “clips” onto to work folder, a pocket, or a physical DM mailer pack.

Clip Drive - Shirt Pocket Clip Drive - Shirt Pocket

The Clip Drive is only 38mm long and at 12mm wide it’s as small as you can go with a USB flash drive because the whole thing is the width of a standard USB connector.

These Clip Drives are typically engraved but they can be printed if preferred albeit engraving tends to be a bit more resilient to the everyday knocks and bumps there drive get in daily use.

Despite their small form factor they are available in all the standard memory sizes from 512MB all the way up to 16GB. Whatever size you buy make sure you take full advantage of the memory and storage space you are paying for by pre-loading your own sales material, brochures or PowerPoint slides on them before you hand them out. Most schools and companies are doing this now not least because any savings you can make by not printing these documents can help towards offsetting the cost of buying the USB flash drives.

If you’re interested in the Clip Drive then pop onto our web site and fill out the on-line quote form or just give our sales team a call on our Freephone number. Send us your artwork and we’ll even mock up various versions for you free of charge!

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