Choose Tech Gifts with Longevity

Choose Tech Gifts with Longevity

USB2U Tech Gifts Designed with Longevity in Mind

At USB2U we aim to provide our clients with tech products that are not only super practical and useful, but tech products that are also designed for long-lasting use. By practicing this we are able to help minimize waste and also overcome ‘Fast Tech’,.

According to an article published by the BBC ‘Fast Tech’ is a term created to hold the same amount of weight as ‘Fast Fashion’. It speaks of the billions of tech items that are being thrown away every year, without being taken to recycling centres, libraries, and without being collected from their homes to be put to good use.

At USB2U we want to change that and do our part, so we will guide you through some of our fantastic tech gifts, all designed with longevity in mind. This aims to reduce the necessity for frequent replacements and more…

Slim XL LED Gift Set

This gift bundle is one of our most impressive gift sets, it features the brilliant LED Deluxe Power Bank 4000, the stylish Deluxe LED Wireless Earbuds, and the LED 3 in 1 Cable. Each of these products will blow your mind with all their fantastic features, not only that but every product placed inside this bundle is made to last for years to come, so you won't have to consider a replacement anytime soon.

One of the features that truly stands out in this git set, is that each product inside can be customised with LED technology branding. There are no limits to this – Just send our sales team your design or logo, and our incredible design team will amaze you with the final results.

As an alternative to the gift bundle, you can simply choose every item as an individual product.

xL slim box LED contents lit up

Pro 10000 Power Bank

The Pro 10000 Power Bank stands out as one of our bestselling power banks. It features a USB-C connection as well as sleek and stylish design style, not only that but it is also a powerful charging solution, designed with durability in mind.

It comes in two different finishes, white and black, both of which can be printed in full digital colour. This allows for unique and striking logos or designs.

This powers a USB-C connection and a dual USB output for charging two devices at the same time.

Pro 10000 charging phone on desk

3 in 1 Charging Dock

This impressive charging multi-device dock has long life at the heart of it. The front of the charging dock wirelessly charges Qi-enabled smartphones and it boasts a spacious print area for a logo.

Behind the smartphone stand you’ll find the Air pods docking port neatly placed, and the Apple Watch charging arm comes out from underneath.

3 in 1 Charging Dock

We also recommend the following products for longevity.

For more information on long lasting tech gifts, please contact our sales team at [email protected]

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