Chinese Labour Day – USB Flash Drive Deliveries Delayed

On the 1st May China celebrates International Labour Day with a 3-day public holiday. Whilst this is great news for the staff of the factories that produce much of what the “West” consumes it does lead to inevitable delays in the supply of time critical products like promotional USB flash drives.

During the Labour Day holiday millions of Chinese workers leave their homes near their places of work and head to their family homes. This can involve journeys of hundreds or thousands of miles and the increased demand for domestic transport puts tremendous pressure on the transport infrastructure.

Twister USB Flash Drives Twister USB Flash Drives

Most USB flash drive factories will re-open on 4th May but inevitably the holiday, albeit short, will have created a bit of a backlog in both the production of the flash drives and the shipping of flash drive orders.

If you do find yourself struggling for an event or show then its worth contacting the team at USB2U because we hold lots of blank stock of flash drives in the UK that we can print and deliver to you in less than 48hrs!

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