Chinese Labour Day Holiday - Order Your Flash Drives Now

It only seems like a couple of weeks ago that we had Chinese New Year when the factories in China that manufacture branded flash drives closed down for a couple of weeks but it was in Early February. The next holiday to have an impact of lead times of branded flash drives in Chinese Labour Day.

branded flash drives

Originally this holiday was just 1 day but in 1999 it was extended by the Chinese Government to 3 days and as such gives the workers across China sufficient time to go home and spend time with their families. Given the sheer size of the country and the increasing disperate nature of its workforce a 1 day holiday really does not offer much of a break.

The holiday this year starts on the 1st May and continues until the 3rd May (whilst this is a week-end many couriers will not collect orders on Friday 30th April).

Whilst this break is welcome in China the knock on effects can lead to delays in the delivery of orders for branded flash drives. Our advice is to get your order in as soon as you can to allow the factory to produce then and get them shipped out before the holidays start or at least get them scheduled for their return.

We know lots of customers work to incredibly tight deadlines when ordering branded memory sticks so even a delay of a few days can have a real effect. We do of course carry stock in the UK that can be supplied in as little as 48hrs using our RUSH service but because this entails the use of UK printers the overall price can be quite a bit higher.

With all of the pent up demand following the recent Volcano related issues the timing of the Labour Day holiday could not really come at a worse time but we'll do our best to work with our customers and the factories to minimise any delays.

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