Check Out These Custom USB Flash Drives With A Sporting Theme

Custom USB Flash drives are growing in popularity and companies that use them to promote their products and services are finding all sorts of interesting ways to use them.

Pick any market niche and you’ll typically find a number of companies that are using USB sticks in an innovative way and interesting way. On this page we’ve put up a few images of custom USB flash drives that have a “sporting theme” – they range from fully customised Nike Trainers that are sent out in a promo pack to encourage sales of the trainers to printed “Twister USB Sticks” for the ECB that have been pre-loaded with coaching videos to help develop the sport.

Football Related USB Flash Drives

The Premier League have been using them to send out information to each club in the league and individual clubs like Fulham FC have commissioned custom USB drives in the shape of their club emblem to sell to fans via the club shop.

You don’t need to have the budgets of the Premier League, Fulham FC or Nike to commission your own custom USB sticks. Fairly basic printed versions like those used by the ECB are available for less than £2 per stick (subject to memory size and quantity ordered) and for this price typically includes pre-loading any data you want to put on the stick, the print costs and delivery in gift boxes!

Sports Related Custom USB Sticks

Even if you want to commission your own shape of USB drive, perhaps in the shape of one of your products, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive they are these days. A typical fully bespoke USB stick is only marginally more per unit than its standard “factory designed” counterpart. Providing you order more than say 300 units you won’t have to pay any set-up or mould fees and you’ll “own” the design when the job is done.

The only think to bear in mind if you do want something fully customised like Nike or Fulham FC is the longer lead times. Standard USB sticks can be printed, data-loaded and delivered in anything from 2-10 days but custom sticks take around 3-4 weeks. The extra time is necessary to work up the design and 3-D drawings, to produce the moulds and samples and once the samples are approved to manufacture the USB sticks.

If you have the time then it’s certainly worth opting for a custom model because these make a much greater impact when handed out and get people talking about the product and brand associated with it.

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