Cheap USB Memory Sticks – Not This Week!

If you’re shopping for promotional USB memory sticks on a very tight budget then this is probably not the best of weeks to be buying them albeit it’s arguable whether you should ever buy USB sticks purely on the basis of price and price alone.

This week is tricky simply because 99% of all the USB memory sticks in the world are manufactured in China and this week China is closed! To be clear this week marks the start of National Holiday week in China and during the holiday nothing gets manufactured and nothing gets shipped. Most of the UK suppliers of promotional USB sticks have a least one “partner” factory they work with in China – these “partner factories” manufacture the USB sticks and ship them to order but this week they won’t be accepting any orders – no matter what the price!

When they come back from their holiday there is typically a backlog that can take 2-3 weeks to clear and during this period prices can be volatile. So, if you need USB sticks for delivery anytime during the next two weeks you’re going to have to find a local supplier that holds stock and has the capability to print and data-load them for you – this can be trickier than you might imagine because only a small handful of companies hold stock and even fewer have any in-house print capability!

With lots of companies, schools and universities chasing limited amounts of stock prices tend to rocket and inevitably there will be winners and losers as the UK stock get snapped up.

Our advice to anyone looking to buy USB memory sticks over the next week or so is to give us a call at USB2U – we’ve been supplying USB sticks for 11 years now and we’ve seen this situation play out every year since we set the company up. For the last couple of years we’ve ramped up our investment in UK stock and in parallel with this we’ve also invested £250,000 in in-house print, engraving and data-loading capabilities. We don’t like having to say “no” to anyone and now we don’t have to!

Today we believe we are the largest UK supplier of UK printed and data-loaded USB sticks. We have the capability to print, engrave and data-load 5,000 USB sticks per day and we can supply them in as little as 24hrs from order!

If you need them quickly (as in 24hrs or 72hrs) then we’ll ask you to pay a small “rush” fees but the USB sticks will be as competitively priced as ever.  We prefer not to say “cheap” because cheap infers lower quality and we don’t compromise on quality at any time of the year – holiday or not!



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