Cheap Printed USB Memory Sticks – But Only if You Move Quickly

If you’re searching the web for some cheap printed USB memory sticks then you’ll soon realise that the vast majority of companies selling them don’t put prices on their web sites – you either have to call them or fill in one of their on-line quote request forms. Understandably this can be a little tedious and time consuming but there are good reasons for it.

The core components that make up printed USB memory sticks are traded like commodities (tea, coffee, gold and silver etc.) and as such the price is incredibly sensitive to global events and the currency markets. Prices change daily to reflect the “spot market” for flash memory and the prevailing exchange rates – add into this mix other external events like national holidays (Chinese New Year is a good example) and you start to get a feel for just how fluid pricing can be.

The problem is compounded because most USB memory sticks are bought to order – in other words when you place an order for say 500 USB memory sticks the flash memory to make these will be purchased in the market and your sticks will be made to order. The procurement of the flash memory, the assembly of the flash and other components to create the USB stick and the final printing of the sticks takes place in a matter of days! Very few companies are willing to bulk buy and hold flash memory and take a risk on holding overpriced stock hence why the pricing is so dynamic.

Cheap Printed USB Memory Sticks

To buy USB memory sticks when they are at their cheapest you need to choose your moment. There are certain times of the year when it’s better to buy than others – its bit like waiting for the alignment of the moons! Right now (and probably for the next few days) is a good time. The reasons are:

  1. Flash memory prices are at an all-time low
  2. Flash is purchased in USD ($) and the dollar is currently trading against the pound (GBP) at $1.65 compared to around $1.50 just a few weeks ago! That’s a 10% shift in a matter of weeks
  3. Demand is low(ish) because lots of companies are still on holiday over the Christmas and New Year period but the factories in China are still working!

BUT in just a week or so prices are expected to rocket buy around 20% - the reason for this is classic supply and demand driven by the closure of the flash memory manufacturing plants in China. It happens every year – companies in the UK and Europe return to work after their Christmas and New Year holidays and want to buy printed USB memory sticks but by the time they get around to placing an order they find that supply is limited because “China closes” to celebrate Chinese New Year! We’re not talking about a day or two either, most factories that manufacture USB drives close for about 3 weeks! This leads to a mad scramble to buy stock and this in turn drives up prices – if the currency market shifts in the wrong direction at the same time then you have a perfect storm which will drive prices even higher.

If you’re looking for Cheap printed (or engraved) USB memory sticks for use in early 2014 then don’t wait – buy them now!

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