Share your happiness with USB wedding favours

USB Memory Sticks for Weddings

If you’re one of the thousands of happy couples that are going to tie the knot this year then amid all of the euphoria, stress and excitement that you’ll be going through there will no doubt be a million and one things for you to organise to make sure your happy day goes to plan.

The big things tend to be easy to remember, but it’s the little things that can get overlooked, such as the wedding favours or bridesmaids’ gifts. Of course finding the suppliers for everything on your wish list is never easy, but if you set yourself a budget it does help to narrow your choices down.

USB Memory Sticks Wedding Favours

When it comes to wedding favours, USB flash drives are now gaining popularity alongside the traditional favourites –sugared almonds, candles and sweets, to name a few. Favours are typically small personal gifts/keepsakes that are given away to all guests to thank them for coming to the day. A relatively new concept in the UK having first found popularity in the USA, USB favours can be personalised either with the names of the bride and groom, or individually with the names of the guests they are being given to, and engraved with the wedding date (which if nothing else means everyone should remember your anniversary!)

Of course, wedding favours aren’t for everyone, and are one of those subjects that seems to generate debate. For some they’re an essential part of any wedding; they’re seen as an expression of thanks to the guests for attending the wedding and they’re a fun way of giving something back to those that have come together to make the day special. For others they are just an extra expense that they can’t afford but feel obliged to offer anyway, contributing to the ongoing commercialisation of wedding ceremonies!

Whichever camp you fall into, using USB drives as favours may be a good compromise, as they are relatively inexpensive and give guests a gift they can go on to use once the day is over. They can be given to guests in a presentation gift box to make them extra special and it’s not difficult to get the gift box personalised as well so that the whole thing fits in with the theme of the day. These gift boxes can also used as name cards on the tables to add that extra special flourish!

Photo Distribution

Wedding USB Flash Drives

If you don’t want to give personalised USB sticks out as wedding favours, you can use them to store the wedding day photographs on and to distribute them around to the guests after the event. Sometimes this is organised by the bride and groom themselves who will order the printed flash drives and then load up their own photos from the day, or sometimes it’s a service offered by the wedding photographer.

Again, the flash drives will come with presentation boxes that can be fully personalised and you don’t just have to load them with photos. Why not preload a little movie saying “thanks” to all your guests and send it out as a personal touch. You could also include photos and videos from the Stag and Hen Dos (if you dare) to send out to your guys n gals who celebrated with you, and bring back some fond memories in the process!

We know all of this type of media could be emailed or posted on a social networking site, but the act of sending out the photographs on a personalised flash drive as a “thank you” is a great touch and ensures that everyone who is given one has something tangible and special to remind them of the day.

Not only for the newlyweds

USB Wedding - Bride

Around two years ago we were approached by a bridal gown company who wanted some customised USB flash drives in the shape of a bride (tricky) that they could use to give away to potential customers. The idea was for the USB flash drive to be pre-loaded with their catalogue, photos of bridal wear, links to their web site, and of course their contact details.

The custom USB brides were a great success and really helped the company who ordered them secure more business in a different and innovative way.

With prices for USB flash drives falling you can expect to pick up a really nice engraved wooden USB memory stick for £3-£4. The range of styles and designs available is huge and you can choose from some really good looking wood, metal, leather or plastic styles some of which can be supplied (personalised) in only 24hrs

Although weddings have taken the lead it’s likely that other key events will be celebrated and remembered in a similar way. Milestone birthdays like 40th’s or Golden Wedding Anniversaries are likely candidates for the USB flash drive treatment.



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