Carbon USB Flash Drive – New for 2013

At USB2U we’re committed to extending the range of USB flash drives we offer to our customers but we only add new drives once we’re satisfied that they meet our stringent quality and performance criteria. The Carbon USB Drive, our latest addition, is a stunning product that ticked every performance box we measure against and we’re pretty confident that it will soon rank alongside other top-selling USB sticks that we offer.

Carbon USB Flash Drives

Named the Carbon Drive because it’s solid, strong and incredibly tough. The smooth outer shell is made from lightweight aluminium but the final finish that has been applied to the shell makes it a very a tactile product that has a silky feel to it.

Although it can be printed we prefer the finish we can achieve on the Carbon USB Drive when it’s engraved. The reason is simply that the “silky surface” makes it harder for any ink to “bond” strongly onto the drive and consequently there’s a greater risk that any printed image will chip or scratch off. There are no such worries when the Carbon USB Sticks are engraved and the level of detail that can be achieved with laser engraving is phenomenal as these images illustrate!

Like an increasing number of USB sticks that we supply they are available from stock in a range of colours and memory sizes. This means that if you need them in a hurry we can proof, engrave and deliver them in as little as 24hrs!

Carbon USB Memory Sticks

Even if you opt for the “Rush” delivery service with our new Carbon USB sticks we strongly recommend you take advantage of our data-loading service. Most flash drives that are given away are typically at least 2GB in size which gives plenty of scope for pre-loading sales brochures, product brochures and media files but loading this data yourself can be a real chore – leave it to the professionals like USB2U – we use the latest state of the art data-loading machines that not only copy the data but perform check sums on each USB stick when the data has loaded to ensure everything has transferred across correctly.

The Carbon USB Stick is available now in Black, Red or Blue. If you’d like to see a physical sample (free of charge) or you’d like us to mock up a drive with your logo on just give us a call or drop us an email.

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