Build Your Own USB Flash Drive – A Great School Project

Ever thought of designing and building your own customised USB flash drive? Well it’s easier than you think but great fun all the same and it makes for a great project for students.

Rather than just buying standard factory designed USB flash drives and printing your school crest or logo one why not engage the students and get them to design something unique to the school or better still unique to them. Anything is possible and some great results can be achieved relatively easily because if you can get your hands on the core components its really just an assembly job.

The two core components of any USB flash drive are the controller chip and the flash memory module. These are then assembled on a PCB and connected to a USB interface. This single (assembled) PCB can then be embedded into any outer casing to create a unique USB flash drive. Just like any commercially available (and assembled) USB flash drive you can buy the PCB’s in a range of memory capacities starting at 128MB all the way up to 16GB albeit 1GB and 2GB tend to be the most popular.


If you do want to build your own USB flash drives then USB2U can supply you with all the components you need including any accessories your might want for your finished product including key ring attachments, lanyards and gift-boxes. So if you feel your creative juices rising and fancy building your own unique USB memory sticks or setting a challenge for your students then give us a call and we’ll talk you through the options.

Who knows if you can use your imagination to tap into something big and create some demand for your design it’s always possible to move production from your back bedroom or classroom to the factory.

We do have a minimum order of 50 pieces for the PCB USB’s so if you did want to get a project off the ground and you’re not a school or company then get your entrepreneurial hat on and start raising the capital you need. Next step -  Dragons Den and a grilling from the likes of Peter and Theo!

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