Branded USB Memory Sticks The Preferred Choice Of Photographers

One of the biggest changes to the photography industry over the last few years has been the move away from film to digital photography. A market that was up until a few years ago almost exclusively film based is now almost exclusively digital based.

Most professional photographers and “snappers” alike will today use digital cameras or mobile phones to take their images and once taken the images are easy to store, enhance, share and it’s easy to produce print from them. For many the real joy of and benefit of digital photography is the ability to share their photo’s with family and friends by uploading them onto sites like Flickr and Facebook.

The immediacy of digital photography and the ability to take literally thousands of images for barely any incremental cost has turned us all into a nation of “snappers” and “posters” but when it comes to photo’s of that “special event”, family portrait or portfolio photo’s then we still, in the main, turn to Professional Photographers. The ability to take “fun” and personal “snapshots” is within the grasp of all of us but photography, good photography is still an art and a profession that by definition is best left to the professionals.

USB Photographers

Growing number of Professional photographers now not only supply their clients with hard copy prints of their photographs but they also supply them with a whole collection or portfolio of shots on some form of digital medium. For the last couple of years the digital medium of choice has been a CD or DVD because these carry large amounts of data (photo’s) and they do so relatively cheaply. The downside of CD’s and DVD’s is that they are not really considered a great “keepsake” and they do little to promote the Photographer’s business or create any form of recall –in short they do the job but they are just not great adverts for the Photographer’s business.

With the continued fall in the price of USB memory sticks allied to their proven use as a promotional product more and more Professional Photographers are now starting to use them to hand out to their client. The client’s photographs are pre-loaded on the USB memory stick and the USB memory stick is branded (printed) to carry the logo, contact details and typically the web address of the photographer.

Branded USB memory sticks unlike CD’s or DVD’s have great perceived value, they enhance the service offering from the photographer and they more importantly work as an on-going sales “billboard” which in turn should generate more business for the photographer.

Just as we’ve seen a significant shift in way in which we all take photographs its likely that we’re on the cusp of a change in the way in which professional photographers supply their images to their clients

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