Branded USB Memory Sticks – 5 Reasons to Data Load

If like thousands of companies and schools this year you are considering giving away (or in some cases selling) USB memory sticks with your logo or brand printed on them then there are some key points to consider. Some of the most basic things are to:

  • Ensure you have good quality artwork for your logo or brand. Don’t just “cut and paste” your logo from your web site and expect this to be suitable. You must have high resolution, print ready images otherwise the final print will appear “blotchy”.
  • Leave enough time – ideally allow at least 10 working days for the delivery of your order. The clock usually starts ticking on the 10 days from the point you sign-off your proof so you might want to factor in a couple of extra days to allow for this.
  • Branded USB memory sticks come in a wide range of styles, colours and materials. Choosing one that shows off your brand is not always easy so if your supplier offers a “free design and mock-up” service then make sure you take advantage of it to help you make the right decision.
  • Don’t pay for memory you are not going to use – a 1GB USB memory stick is the “norm” these days because these allow plenty of space to store data, they’re useful enough to encourage on-going usage but you won’t be paying a premium for storage you don’t need. Prices start to ramp up quite significantly when you get up to 4GB and beyond.
  • Make sure you buy from a reputable supplier. Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous suppliers of branded USB memory sticks around who tempt unwitting customers in with attractive prices only to deliver sticks made using recycled flash memory chips (prone to failure) or “masked” chips (low memory chips dressed up to look like larger chips).

Twister USB Memory Sticks

When you’ve made your decision on what to buy and who to buy from don’t forget the option to pre-load the USB memory sticks with data before you take delivery of them. Here are 5 really good reasons why this makes senses:

  1. Print costs are expensive (even if you use your own printers) so it makes sense to pre-load onto your USB flash

    USB Data loading

    drives any sales brochures, technical documents, product guides, press releases and so on. By doing this not only will you save the cost of getting them printed but also you won’t have to pay transport costs to ship them around the country.

  2. Loaded data can include dynamic applications or links, which can start up as soon as the USB memory stick is inserted into a USB port on a PC or Mac. This is a great way to direct prospective customer to your web site or to get them engaged in an interactive brochure.
  3. Customers and clients prefer to take your brochures away on a USB stick rather than have to carry them around with them all day or evening – just check out the rubbish bins outside trade and retail shows and fairs, its shocking how many brochures are just dumped at the earliest opportunity. Put them on a flash drive that has a high-perceived value and it’s unlikely they suffer the same fate.
  4. Reduce your mailing costs – a number of large companies that historically have posted large catalogues or complex trade brochures are now pre-loading these onto USB sticks and mailing the sticks out. The cost savings on the postage can more than offset the cost of buying the USB memory sticks.
  5. By getting the data pre-loaded when your branded USB memory sticks are produced you save the heartache of having to load them yourself. Don’t underestimate how long this can take. Specialist suppliers use professional data-loading equipment that can load 20-30 sticks at a time and then check the data has loaded correctly and without any viruses.

Our advice is to use the memory space on a USB stick before you distribute them – its criminal not to particularly as most suppliers will load data free of charge these days!

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