Branded USB Memory Stick Duplication, Replication, Data Loading

When you buy promotional flash drives to hand out to customers at a show, exhibition or event then make sure you really get the best from your investment by, where at all possible, pre-loading the memory sticks with your sales material.

Whether you call it Duplication, Replication, Pre-loading, Data-loading or just copying its very easy to make sure that every branded memory stick you distribute has all of your sales brochures, price lists, company web site links, media files, promotional videos etc. on it.

Whilst the memory stick, assuming its printed and carries your brand/logo on, will do an excellent job of promoting your company’s name you will miss a trick if you don’t use the storage space on the stick to provide the recipient with lots of additional information about your company.

USB Data Duplication USB Data Duplication

If you want you can also “lock” this data so it can’t be deleted but if you load too much data on the stick and don’t leave enough room for the user then they’re unlikely to use it and your brand won’t get the on-going use and exposure you have paid for. If you do decide to “lock” and protect any data on the memory stick bear in mind that this data will have to be ready early so that it can be loaded at the factory during manufacture. You can’t load and “lock” data post production.

The need to have the data ready early means that the vast majority of memory sticks are pre-loaded with data that is not locked. This is no bad thing because if the content is compelling it will be viewed and data that is not locked can be loaded at anytime meaning you have right up until the last minute before your event to load the data.

Of course if you’re faced with the prospect of unpacking and loading data onto hundreds or possibly thousands of memory sticks it can be pretty daunting. Ideally it’s a job left to the professionals because instead of having to load each memory stick one at a time they will use professional USB data duplication kit. This will get the job done quickly and easily and they will normally give you a report on the performance of each stick loaded with your data – think of it as another QA test on the memory sticks before they are distributed.

There are many dedicated data duplication companies in the market with many of them extending from CD and DVD duplication into USB duplication. These are fine but it does introduce another company into the loop and potentially extend the overall timeframe. If you can try and use a supplier of branded memory sticks that is able to offer data duplication as well as supply the memory sticks.

USB2U has a in-house USB data duplication services that it offers at competitive rates to all of its customers.

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