Branded USB Fairy Lights & USB Memory Sticks – An Awesome Combination

Promotional USB memory sticks have always been a popular give-away no matter what the time of year it is. It doesn’t seem to matter how many USB sticks someone has already they always seem grateful to be given more which is just as well because millions are given away every year!

We’re seeing lots of companies buy USB sticks this year and sending them out with their logo printed on them but also pre-loading a seasonal greeting on the USB stick – this way when they are “plugged in” the Christmas greeting from the company giving them away can be viewed or played (lots of companies are getting very creative with video messages etc!). Providing you don’t make the logo or design printed on the USB stick too “Christmassy” then there is a much strong chance that they’ll have a life beyond Christmas giving any brand that’s printed on them lots of on-going exposure.

If you want to give away something a little bit different this Christmas then you might want to consider sending out some USB fairy lights to your customers. These are great fun, they don’t need any batteries, they plug into any spare USB port on a PC and typically they’re used to decorate a workstation or monitor. Whilst it’s challenging to brand the fairy lights with any logo the plain white box they are supplied in can be printed up with a seasonal message and we’ve also had a go at using our small “dog-tags” and clipping these to the fairy lights!


We’re currently sending out a set of USB fairy lights with every USB memory stick order we fulfil and we’ve had some lovely feedback from our customers many of whom have come to us and bought more of the USB lights to give to their own customers.

The ultimate package is a branded USB memory stick combined with a set of USB fairy lights – all delivered in a nicely printed presentation box – all for less than £5! We hold these in stock in the UK so it’s not too late to get your order in and if you need them in a hurry we can turn them around in as little as 24hrs!

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