Branded USB Bottle Opener Flash Drives – What a Corking Idea

Sometimes when you are tasked to come up with a suitable corporate gift or promotional giveaway its difficult to come up with that “killer idea”. Let’s face it there are thousands and thousands of promotional products these days that compete for your marketing budget so its no surprise that sifting through them to come up with something suitable is hard work!

Every so often though we come across a product that triggers a “wow” response and a product that begs the question why more and more people are not buying it. One such product is the USB Bottle Opener. This excellent product integrates a USB memory stick within a metal bottle opener, which in turn can be attached to a keyring. So not only do you get the convenience of a handy bottle opener on your bunch of keys but you also get a really neat way to carry around your data with you!

USB Bottle Opener Branded USB Bottle Opener

The benefits of giving away a branded USB memory stick in terms of perceived value, positive brand association, continued usage and brand recall are well known and documented but the USB bottle opener takes this to another level. Clearly they make an ideal promotional product for drinks companies (soft and alcoholic) but they’re equally suitable as a general promotional product or “gift” for staff or customers.

Whilst USB bottle openers do cost a little more than standard USB flash drives they certainly are worthy of consideration for your next event or campaign. Any slight increase in cost can be more than offset by uploading collateral onto the USB bottle opener flash drives that you’d normally print and hand-out.

Available in memory sizes from 512MB all the way up to 8GB. These are tough, rugged and relatively “heavy” USB flash drives that are certainly man enough to take the bumps and knocks of being on a bunch of keys.

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