Branded Tech Products to have this Festival Season

Branded Tech Products to have this Festival Season

The first day of Summer is upon us and with it comes the height of the festival season including Glastonbury which kicks off today. With millions of people attending live music events around the country each year, it's not surprising that many companies take the opportunity to promote their brands wherever possible. As festivals have garnered more popularity so too has the demand for festival organisers to utilise the latest technology  in order to add to the customer experience. Products such as smart wristbands, Wi-Fi masts and charge points are a common sight now when compared to 5-10 years ago. As such there are many tech products out there which remain hot property for festival goers looking to make their weekend experience hassle free. Below we've listed a few Branded Tech Products that festival goers could do with this summer season.


The Summer of Power Banks

The need for us to remain connected to the outside world and update our social media when watching our favourite artists or bands perform live, has led to the rise of Power Banks at such events. Customers want their devices to last as long as possible, especially as the alternative involves waiting around designated charge points for long periods of time. With this in mind, Power Banks provide a workable solution as well as a tech product that can be easily branded onto. Below are a few examples of products  suitable for any long weekend of live music.

 Inductive Power BankSolar Powered Power BanksCandy Power Bank                                                                       

Solar Power Banks Ideal for charging on the go, this device comes equipped with 8000mAh lithium polymer battery which can also be charged via a 1.2W monocrystalline solar panel, perfect for those bright summer days.

Inductive Power Banks - No cables, no problem! With the Inductive Power Bank you can charge your phone wirelessly making it a lot simpler for customers who are used to packing light.

Candy Power BanksIf your customers are after something less bulky which still has enough capacity to charge their phones then the Candy Power Bank may work best. With a slim look and full colour print available on one side, this device is powerful enough to recharge any smartphone several times over making it perfect for those long weekends.


Small Speakers, Big Sound

Speakers make up an essential part of any festival weekend, with many taking them for use at campsites when they want to relax with friends. We have a wide range of speakers perfect for such occasions, which are available in a variety of different sizes and can be easily branded onto with company logos or messages.

Branded Promo Speaker branded pod speakers branded weather speaker


Rainbow XL Bluetooth Speaker - This Bluetooth Speaker is an XL version of the also popular Rainbow Bluetooth Speaker. Made with sound in mind this premium tech gift is perfect for anyone who wants a speaker that is portable but also able to provide a rich audio experience. With a 6 hour battery life to boot, this product is sure to go down well with any customer.

Pod USB SpeakerThis device is a great little promotional product, designed with portability in mind, ensuring it will fit into the smallest of spaces.

All Weather Speaker - Part of our innovative PXK range, the name of this speaker says it all really. This is a wireless speaker designed to withstand the elements, including those rainy days, which do have a habit of trying to dampen spirits on festival weekends .


Avoiding Summer Sadness

phone powered fan selfie stick smart key finder and iphone


There are many different branded tech products out there for festival goers to use to help make their weekend experience a great one. These can range from Phone Fans to allow customers to remain cool during the height of the summer heat, to Smart Finders which help track personal belongings, and even Selfie Stick's which have become a commodity at many music venues around the country. All products can be printed on with bespoke branding allowing organisations to present something that is good quality, practical and guaranteed to make a lasting impression on any customers' weekend.


For more information and pricing on any of these products please contact our sales team at [email protected]


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