Branded Memory Sticks - Waiting For The Dust To Settle

Whilst the UK's Met Office describe the eruption of the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano in Iceland as "weakening" its impacts are still being felt in the most unlikely of ways. The vast majority of branded memory sticks are air freighted into the UK from China on a "just in time" basis using carriers like DHL, TNT and Fedex. Whilst many of these carriers have their own fleet of aircraft they are affected in just the same way that commercial carriers are impacted - they are unable to fly their planes into and out of the UK.

Even when the restrictions are lifted there likely to be days if not weeks of delays as the networks and carriers struggle to return to normality. During this period of uncertainty its going to be incredibly difficult to give any firm commitment on delivery dates for branded USB memory sticks - at least those that are being manufactured and printed by the factories in China. The "normal" lead times of 10-14 days are likely to go out of the window in the short term but at least customers placing now can, to a degree, plan for this.

The bigger issue is for companies that have already ordered branded USB memory sticks in good faith with an expected delivery date of any time now. Many of these companies will have placed their orders to coincide with a show, a press event or media event and the non-delivery is likely to throw their plans into chaos.  It’s of course difficult to anticipate these events and no one is really to blame but are there any options to deal with the issue.

At USB2U we are fortunate to hold a significant amount of blank stock of USB flash drives and we are able to get these printed and delivered within 48hrs of an order. We don’t have all of the models shown on our website but we do have quite a few in different colours and memory sizes. So, if you are in desperate need of branded flash drives give us a call and talk to us about our “rush” service.

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