Branded Memory Sticks - Pick A Colour

When you're selecting a branded memory stick to print your company logo on its easy to think that your only options are the standard colours the sticks come in. Typically these will be the usual red, blue, black, white and silver with the occasional green and yellow thrown in for good measure depending on the model you’re interested in.

Pantone Matched Memory Sticks

But don’t be fooled because memory sticks can be produced in pretty much any colour you want. So, if you’ve got a particular colour in mind that might work really well with your logo or brand then it can be done you just need to allow a couple more days for them to be manufactured.

Producing branded memory sticks in a colour that contrasts well with your logo or picking one of the primary colours from your logo and using this pantone colour to produce the memory stick in can look great. There are lots of flash drives produced in the standard colours so if you are looking to stand out from the crowd a flash drive manufactured in your own colour will really help.

At USB2U we offer free pantone matching of the memory sticks body shell absolutely free of charge on our most popular models. The only caveat is that we ask you to order at least 100 pieces to qualify for the free offer. Where we do charge for pantone matching it still won’t break the bank and typically adds just a few pennies to the cost per memory stick.

If a fully customised USB memory stick in a 2-D or 3-D shape is a stretch to far for you then a pantone matched version is a fantastic compromise. Don’t forget that if you want to raise the bar a little higher you can also order printed gift boxes and/or lanyards to go with them.

USB memory sticks are currently one of the most popular promotional items in the market today so if you’re ordering them don’t settle for second best. Make sure you take the time to work with our designer to get the best colour for your brand. We’ll work up some examples and mock-ups free of charge and then we’ll produce the pantone matched sticks for you for no extra charge.

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