Branded Flash Drives – Content for Conferences

If you’ve got a Conference or Seminar coming up soon you’ll no doubt be wandering, amongst the million and one other things you have to do, about the best way to ensure all of the delegates get copies of the speakers notes, presentation slides and other conference material.

You could of course just load all of the information onto a web site and give the delegates the web address to go to and download the information. For some this will be fine but for many they’ve come to expect something tangible such as a CD, DVD or Flash Drive.

Flash drives are definitely more popular with attendees than CD’s simply because not only are they incredibly easy to use but also they can be reused for the storage and transport of their own information. As such they are far more likely to view the contents loaded onto a flash drive than a CD and of course the continued use of the branded flash drives helps to promote your event or brand beyond the seminar itself.

Whilst flash drives will work out a little more expensive than a CD most suppliers of branded flash drives or memory sticks will load your data for free. But what sort of information and content should you pre-load onto the flash drive? Well, here’s our starter for ten:

  • The seminar or conference timetable with details of break-out sessions and social events
  • Keynote speakers and presenter biographies
  • Presentation slides, White Papers, Technical Papers and other supporting documentation (ideally in PPT or PDF format)
  • Audio files of the speaker sessions (assumes you will have time during the event to load these onto the flash drives – the typical format would be MP3)
  • Videos of the Keynote session(s). (again, these would have to be loaded during the event)
  • Dynamic web links to your web site to allow you to post late breaking news and updates after the conclusion of the seminar.
  • Links to any social media sites (Flickr, Twitter, Facebook etc.) to which the delegates might be interested in joining
  • The list of attendees
  • Information about you (the company hosting and managing the event) and details of any forthcoming activities that might be of interest to the delegates.
  • Sponsor links, and advertising material (these can be used to subsidise or underwrite the production costs of the flash drive)
  • Feedback forms or links to a feedback website.

Twister Flash Drives

Of course this is not a comprehensive list but it’s a start and should get you thinking about what you should include for your particular event.

At USB2U we can supply printed USB memory sticks in a matter of days and we have our own in-house professional data loading equipment. We’ll gladly load any data you have absolutely free of charge! We know data loading can be incredibly time consuming and when you’re organising seminars and conferences time is often the one thing that’s in short supply so let us carry this burden for you!

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