Customised Memory Sticks Pack a Powerful PR Punch

Custom USB Sticks by USB2U Custom USB Flash Drives that have recently been produced by USB2U

The core aim of any successful PR agency is to ensure that the story they are trying to push makes an impact with their target media audience, and given they are competing against other agencies to try and grab the same column inch space, this isn’t always an easy job!

So how do you make sure that your PR message is delivered in a manner that makes an impact, that is cost effective, relevant, and above all, practical?

There are many ways a PR agency can choose to deliver their message, but the one we’d recommend is to use USB memory sticks! Simply load the press pack onto each stick and away you go!

Forget your generic USB stick shapes and sizes, however, the optimum delivery vehicle for any press pack is a custom version! Create a unique memory stick that is in the shape of the story, product or brand that you are trying to promote and pack a powerful PR punch to your audience! For example, a well-known health product provider wanted to launch a new female sanitary towel and a key part of this was PR. So they produced a USB memory stick in the shape of the product! The impact was dramatic; how could it be anything else?!

pvc custom usb sticks Custom USB Memory Sticks by USB2U

So whether it’s the launch of a new car, clothing line, financial product or food item, a customised memory stick can be made to that shape.

Apart from the obvious WOW factor, why do custom USB sticks tick all the boxes?

  • It’s human nature for someone to start playing with and pulling apart a customised USB stick to see how it works. They’ll show it to other colleagues and plug it in to see what all the fuss is about.
  • With this in mind, a range of factual and multimedia data can be loaded onto the stick, which can then be set to autorun once the memory stick has been plugged in.
  • They make great keepsakes, so will have longevity way past when the PR story has fallen out of fashion, and offer increased brand exposure because of this.
  • The cost of manufacturing has fallen dramatically, and the minimum order quantity for can be as low as 100 units.

So now you know what to order for your PR launch, how do you go about getting them made?

  • Firstly contact an established and reputable USB memory stick provider – we’d advise they are UK based and take care of the full end-to-end process
  • Send a picture of the shape of the memory stick in mind over to their design team – they’ll be able to best advise whether this can be done (here at USB2U we’ve never yet met a design we couldn’t work with!)
  • Once the design is agreed, a 3D Cad drawing will be prepared for sign-off
  • Tooling will then be produced and a pre-production sample manufactured.
  • Once this is agreed the full production and delivery will take less than 2 weeks.

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