Branded Flash Drive – Record A-Level and GCSE Results

With the Scottish Higher results having already been announced and with A-Level / GCSE imminent the exam results season is well and truly upon us.

Many industry pundits are predicting another year of record-breaking results. Whilst some still claim the dumbing down of exams, school and colleges should be given the praise they deserve in preparing students for these important exams.

One of the tools that schools have been adopting to help achieve this is the use of  Branded Flash Drives.

USB Flash Drives for Schools USB Flash Drives for Schools

So why are these so valuable for schools?

  • It allows students to transport information between home and school without the need to carry heavy and expensive text books.
  • Documents can be stored on the Branded Memory Stick saving on printing.
  • It allows schools to keep their own networks and storage space to a minimum. Some schools only have dumb workstations, with no local memory, so Branded Memory Sticks would allow the information to be stored.
  • Staff can take information home to mark, check and auto correct.
  • Branded Memory sticks are a great incentive / reward for pupils for achieving certain milestones.
  • PTAs could consider selling the memory sticks to parents as a fund raising activity.
  • It helps students embrace technology, which will be an important part of their future careers.
  • Each Branded Memory stick can have pupil’s name or a unique serial number printed on, so if they do get misplaced they can be easily returned.
  • If the information to be stored on Branded Memory Sticks is sensitive a password or encryption can be added.

As this list illustrates there are many advantages for schools and colleges embracing Branded Memory sticks that will help to continue to improve those dreaded yearly results.

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