Branded Bamboo Speakers - Sounds Good!

Branded Bamboo Speakers - Sounds Good!

Engraved bamboo speaker with an iphone and plant Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker from USB2U

Promotional products made of sustainable materials are becoming increasingly popular. Using wood, bamboo, cornstarch or recycled plastic as the core material within a promotional product is a fantastic way to avoid unnecessary single use plastic, whilst at the same time adding value. Here at USB2U, we are proud to be expanding our range of eco-friendly audio tech gifts this Winter with a superb and sustainable new addition - the Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker.

Branded speakers have always been a popular audio gift, in particular for brands with music at the heart of their business (such as record labels and radio stations). But equally, our range of branded speakers make an excellent medium-budget giveaway for any type of business who want their brand to be front of mind when their potential future customers are rocking out to their favourite tunes.

The Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker is a fantastic on-trend choice which offers great value for money and longevity as a sustainable promotional product. Wood speakers or speakers made of bamboo are a lot less likely to be discarded than other more frequently seen promotional products, as not only do they look and feel unique, they also have a high perceived value. Wood speakers have a reputation of boasting a high quality sound that you just can't replicate, and to have this in miniature format with the Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker is a fantastic feature.

bamboo sustainable speaker engraved with the Heart logo Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

The Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker can either be engraved or printed digitally with a full colour logo (depending on what suits the brand in question). We are happy to provide free of charge visual mock ups to illustrate what both options might look like with your company or your client's logo. The bamboo speakers are small but also mighty; the 3W output loud speaker will guarantee quality sound for up to 2 hours on a single charge, and has a transmission distance of 10 metres - perfect for use when out and about.

The sleek design of the branded sustainable speaker means it won't look out of place at home on the kitchen counter when entertaining guests, on your desk at the office for some background radio whilst you work, or perhaps in the makeshift home gym to motivate you whilst working out.

But don't take our word for it - get in touch today to request a free visual or to find out more about the Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker.

bamboo sustainable speaker engraved with a logo on a desk with a Mac and a plant Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker engrave with Spotify logo

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