Branch Out With Wooden USB Flash Drives

If you’ve got an event coming up soon, perhaps a press launch, or maybe you’re exhibiting at a trade show or retail trade fair then somewhere on your shopping list for the event needs to be something to give people. Why? Well, typically if you’ve gone to all of the trouble and expense of organising these events and you’ve invested in having executives and other key personnel present at them then you want people to leave not only remembering who your company is but also what you have to offer them.

Of course you’re not going to win over lots of new customers simply by giving them a little promotional gift neither can you expect any journalists attending a press event to write in more positive tones simply because you’ve given them a branded USB flash drive. But, it is important that you engage with your audience at these events and ensure they leave fully equipped with all of the information they need to either make a buying decision or equipped to write reviews on your products/services.

wood usb

You could of course just hand out basic promotional items like pens, mugs, caps or place mats – all of these work at a certain level albeit many of them have a tendency to end up in the waste bins or discarded in the back of a cupboard. Their primary function is just to reinforce your brand and act as a gentle reminder of who you are. What they don’t do because they are fundamentally inert objects is interact with the recipient and provide any more information on your company. At best you can typically get you brand, web address and phone number of them and possibly, depending on the object, a couple of small images of your products.

Promotional USB flash drives on the other hand not only meet all the same criteria as a basic promotional product that carries a company brand but they go significantly further when they are pre-loaded with data. A typical promotional USB flash drive today has around 1GB of storage on it which is more than sufficient to carry electronic versions of your company’s sales brochures, presentation slides, price list, technical PDF’s, media files, TV adverts and dynamic links to your web site(s).

Loading this type of data on a promotional USB flash drive not only makes sense commercially and economically (if nothing else it saves the cost of printing the material you load onto them) but, its relatively cheap to do and if you shop around when sourcing USB flash drives you’ll find some suppliers will to do this at no cost to secure your business.

Juggling USB Flash Drives

If you accept the argument that you should/ought to offer a promotional item at your event(s) then you should put branded USB flash drives to the top of your list. They deserve to be there because they remain incredibly popular, your customers’ll snap them up, they’ll get used (rather than tossed away) and they are a great way to distribute tons of information about your company and its products.

There are lots of really attractive designs of USB flash drives to choose from these days and the eco-lobby are also accommodated with a growing number of flash drives manufactured from wood or bamboo. These are ideal if your company is pushing an environmentally friendly message, they’re particularly strong when combined with “electronic only” documents pre-loaded on the wooden USB flash drives rather than printed out!

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