Boxing Clever with USB Flash Drives

It’s the perennial question – to box or not to box. We’re talking promotional USB sticks of course and for many the answer is always going to be “no” simply because they don’t like the idea of paying for a box or tin that will typically end up discarded in the bin.

Equally many more say “no” because for them all forms of packaging are just “land fill” and they if this is their perspective then they refuse to add to it by buying boxes for their USB sticks. It’s the same for companies who are pushing a strong environmental message – for them the avoidance of any packaging is understandable.

However for many handing out a USB memory stick printed with their brand on without a gift box is akin to handing out gifts at Christmas or on birthdays without wrapping them first. It smacks of laziness, it cries “lack of thought” and it like penny pinching on something that is supposed to impress.

Printed TIns for USB Flash Drives

Between these extreme views plenty of people just aren’t that bothered but, if it’s your company’s logo that’s on the USB stick it is worth giving some thought to where you stand on boxes and whether the people you are giving them to would prefer a box or not. Perhaps more importantly you need to think about whether it will help build your brand and develop a greater level of loyalty and affinity to the brand.

It’s easy to dismiss the option of boxes but ask yourself why hugely successful companies like Apple, Sony, IWC and Samsung put some much effort into their packaging – they’re not doing it for fun, they’re doing it because it makes sound commercial sense.

If you buy printed or engraved boxes or tins when you buy your USB sticks the incremental cost is relatively small. So, even if you’re a small company you can “play with the big boys” and have your USB sticks supplied in fully customised boxes.

USB Gift Boxes

For some sectors and businesses (professional photographers are a good example) a branded box to hand out the customers USB sticks is pretty much a must.

Fortunately there are lots of gift boxes available for printed USB sticks some of which are made from recycled cardboard so there is an option to appease the environmental lobby whilst still boxing up your sticks.

Check out the complete range of packaging and gift box options on the USB2U website or just speak to our account manager for details.

Gift Boxes for USB Flash Drives

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