Boost your privacy with our branded Security Set!

Boost your privacy with our branded Security Set!

Why protect your privacy?

In this blog post, we’ll be talking you through the different steps you can take to make sure you’re always protected when browsing the web, not only that, but we’ll also dive into our NEW branded Security Set, and how it can protect you and your data. Our goal? Your safety, especially as you enjoy what our amazing tech products have to offer.

It may seem like a no-brainer but with the ever-changing digital environment, hackers are becoming more and more cunning, so the added boost of safety is there to make sure your data is safe and sound. Without that safety net, they can gain access to your phone, your computer, or your laptop...

How to protect your data?

For starters, make sure all of your passwords are strong and difficult to guess, secondly back up all of your data, and also be extremely aware of your environment. Thirdly, try using our Security Set. Each product in the box- whether it is the data blocker or the webcam cover - has been created to take your online security to another level.

Data Blocker

In today's world where hacking threats are even more severe and complex, the data blocker in our security set works as an effective aid. It works by keeping your device safe from threats when charging in public. This gives you that extra peace of mind because whenever you’re on the go and you find your phone running out of battery, you can recharge it without any worry or hesitation!

USB Data Blocker

And because we know this is a product that would be used often,  we’ve made sure that it's not just functional, but can be branded with your logo. How amazing does that sound?

 Slider Webcam Cover 

Another protective measure that we’ve added to the security set is the Slider Webcam Cover. It simply covers the camera at the top of your laptop or your computer, so that cybercriminals have no access to you through your camera. So anytime you're not on Facetime or a Zoom meeting, you simply slide it and protect yourself and your environment.White Branded slider webcam cover with Hitachi logo

Just like the Data Blocker, this Webcam Cover can also be printed with a logo or design.  This adds a stylish and personalised touch, especially since it sits at the Centre of your screen.

Eco Kraft Box

It doesn’t end with the products, the Eco Kraft Box where the products are placed stands out as the ideal packaging choice. It guarantees reduced postage expenses, it's an environmentally friendly option, and it can also be branded with a logo or a design. So if you're planning on getting this kit for your staff or students you can add your own personal mark. Both products are mounted on a custom backing card before being placed inside the Eco Kraft Box.

Kraft USB box branded with Emporio Armani

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