Best USB Flash Drives for Conferences & Seminars

If you’re a conference or seminar organiser then you’ll already know just how challenging and underrated your job is. Tight deadlines, last minute hiccups and speakers and delegates that would challenge the patience of a Saint coalesce around a planning regime that wouldn’t be out of place on large building or engineering projects!

Unfortunately for some the role of seminar and conference management gets “bolted” on to their day job as PR or Marketing manager and they’re often expected to organise a conference roadshow at multiple venues with multiple internal and external speakers and a delegate list that can run to thousands! Now that’s a challenge.

Amongst the minutiae of tasks are little throw away things like; promotional give-away (so that the delegates have something to take away that will help them recall the event), copies of the speakers slides and notes, marketing material to promote the theme of event or the company’s products (or services) that are speaking and finally advertising material that “sells” future events. Just one of these items can take days to organise but taken collectively they are enough to challenge even the best.

It’s perhaps no surprise then that old hands at the Conference Management are increasingly using Promotional USB Memory Sticks to help consolidate many of the tasks they face – USB sticks printed with the logo of the event and the website address act as a promotional give-away but if the same USB sticks are pre-loaded with the speaker slides and notes and other marketing material they also reduce dramatically the need to photocopy and collate thousands of sheets of paper, they reduce the transport and handling costs (500 – 1,000 USB sticks fit in one box but similar number of delegate folders and notes would need a small van!) .

There are lots of different promotional USB memory sticks available these days but the following are perhaps better suited as a conference or seminar giveaway:

USB Pens – these are a classy, top end solutions that might be a little too expensive for large events but if you have an audience of top executives or VIP customers  or partners then these USB pens are an ideal solution. Available in a range of different finishes and different pen styles (biro, rollerball or fountain pen) and often with a number of built in “extras” like lights, lasers and soft styles ends for use with smart phones and tablets.

USB Pens USB Pens

USB Name Badges – a relatively new innovation these USB badges come as round button badges or classic rectangular name badges. Each one can be personalised with the delgates name and the seminar notes and marketing material can be pre-loaded onto the badge just like any conventional USB stick.

USB Name Badges USB Name Badges

USB Wristbands – A little more fun than the “standard” USB sticks but not for everyone. Certainly bright and colourful and a great way of identifying the delegates – there is also the option to use different coloured USB wristbands to stream the delegates into different groups. Again, pre-loading all the conference material and speaker notes etc. is equally possible with the USB wristband.

USB Wristbands USB Wristbands

USB Lanyards – Another popular option because it can be combined with standard paper based name badges (or anything else that is typically attached to a lanyard) – the lanyard can be printed or embroidered with the details of the conference and the integrated USB stick can be pre-loaded with the conference information.

USB Lanyards USB Lanyards

All of the above are available from USB2U – just give them a call for the latest prices.


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