Before we send out any Branded USB Sticks Order we like to check a few things…

It’s not that we’re paranoid or anything but before we send out our customers branded USB memory sticks we like to make sure that everything is exactly as it should be. We want things to be right, we want our customers to be happy with what we send out and we want them to come back and buy from us again.

Lots of suppliers of USB memory sticks pay lip service to a rigorous QA process because it’s what people want to hear but actually implementing a strict QA process is time consuming, costly and of course it can throw up challenges. But, we strongly believe in a robust QA process and we commit resources and time to make sure it’s done and done as thoroughly as we can.

So, in addition to the QA checks that our factory make during the manufacture of our USB sticks our own fulfilment team carry out the following additional checks before any order leaves our hands:

  1. On arrival in our warehouse in Northampton we carefully unpack every carton to make sure nothing has been damaged in transit from China. Welook for signs of crush damage and water damage (sometimes shipments can get wet when they are waiting to be loaded onto planes).

    If anything is found to be damaged or missing (it does happen albeit rarely) then we’ll alert the factory and ask them to prepare and ship replacements and we’ll notify our customer of any potential shortfall or delay to their order.

  2. We visually check a random number of USB sticks from every order to make sure that it’s the right model, the right memory size, the right colour, that the print or engraving is correct and that any accessories have been included. The same rigour is applied to any gift boxes that have been ordered with the USB sticks.
  3. We also take random samples from each order and run them against Trend Micro’s latest anti-virus software. This is a check not only to make sure there is no virus on the sticks but we also check any data our customers have supplied us with to make sure this is not infected with a virus. A copy of the virus check results is held on our CRM system.
  4. Assuming all of the above tests and checks are passed we then carefully re-box every order in a new, robust, USB2U box. As we do this we double check to make sure we are sending out the correct number of USB sticks.

Occasionally, despite all of the above the odd bit of “human error” does creep in but it’s rare and we’re continually looking to improve and refine our procedures to. We record the results of all the checks (and who carried them out) on our internal CRM system and this information is freely available to all of our customers.

We’ve been supplying branded and promotional USB flash drives since 2002 and these processes have been put in place and refined over the last 11 years, Our objective is to ensure that our customers get a quality product, a quality orientated service and that they can be confident of getting exactly what they’re paid for every time.

Promotional USB Flash Drives

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