Beat the Chinese Golden Week Deadlines

Beat the Chinese Golden Week Deadlines

China's Golden Week holidays are almost upon us, and with this comes the inevitable delays for orders coming from Far East suppliers.

The holiday commences with National Day on the 1st of October, a day which celebrates the founding of the People's Republic of China on the same date in 1949. Now, it is the first of a week long national holiday.

Golden Week happens semi-annually across China and is a week long national holiday designed to allow workers to travel and visit family who may live on the other side of a very large country, or in other countries entirely such as Thailand or Vietnam. Alongside this, it helps to boost domestic tourism as well as improve self-reported quality of life.

This of course means that factories and offices close for a week, and this causes delays and a backlog of orders which can take a little while to clear. This means that if you want to avoid these possibly lengthy delays, you need to make sure you submit any non-UK stock orders by the deadline, which this year is the 11th of September. This deadline is the date to ensure that your order will be processed and turned around before the delays.

The other way to avoid these delays is to order from our UK stock, which has more products to choose from than ever before. Kept in the UK at all times are a whole range of USBs, power banks and tech gifts including headphones, speakers, cables and wireless chargers.

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