Are you paying enough for your Promotional USB Memory Sticks?

We know it’s a bit of a strange question but it’s a question posed in all seriousness. If you’re primary objective when going out for quotes for promotional USB memory sticks is to get the best possible unit price then you need to do so with a very clear understanding of the potential risks you are taking.

Buying purely based on price and price alone is risky and it’s particularly risky when it comes to buying flash drives. The problem with these particular products is that it’s not what on the outside that counts which means you can be sent (or shown on a website) lots of lovely images of USB memory sticks printed with a logo on but what you’re looking at is the outer case only. The case (or shell as the factories refer to it) is relatively inexpensive to manufacture and pretty easy to be made to look good. But, the real value is what’s on the inside – if you want you USB sticks to perform and last (or even work from the get go) you need to make sure that under the skin are good quality components, e.g. Grade A flash memory and Grade A Controller chips.

The big problem is that even if you ask for re-assurances that the cheap price you’ve been given includes Grade A components the stock answer tends to be “Yes we only ever use Grade A components” – so how do you know? How really know when comparing prices that you are comparing on a true like for like basis? The honest answer is you don’t know and you won’t know until your order arrives and even then you’ll only know if you thoroughly test them and you know what tests to do and how to interpret the results.

Capless Twister Style USB Memory Sticks Capless Twister Style USB Memory Sticks

To avoid being scammed (because this is what it is) we strongly recommend that you buy from a trusted supplier (check 3rd party review websites, check Goole Earth to see where their offices are – you’d be surprised how many so called “leading suppliers” operate from a back bedroom, check companies house and check the Terms and Conditions of supply and what options you have to return your order if things go wrong!).

Remember that when you buy promotional USB memory sticks with your brand/logo on they immediately become mini ambassadors for your company and as such you want them to look good and perform. What you don’t want is for them to fail, to corrupt any data loaded onto them or even worse to damage any PC or Mac they are plugged into!

It’s incredibly tempting to always go with the cheapest price you get but like most things in life you ultimately get what you pay for and saving a few pennies on something that is going to carry your brand is not always the best option.

At USB2U you’re in safe hands. We’re in our thirteenth year of trading (most of them selling USB products and specifically printed flash drives), we’re based in Northampton in the UK, over 2,500 real customer reviews (good and bad) on Trustpilot, thousands of reference customers across all industry sectors, a dedicated team of 20 staff, a QA process that is second to none and we don’t take any payment up-front when you place your order and for a significant proportion of our customers we offer 30-day payment terms!

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