A Whole Host of New Products For Autumn

A Whole Host of New Products For Autumn

Here at USB2U, we have been quietly working on the launch of a a whole new range of products. They run the length of our tech product range, from power banks to packaging, cables to wireless chargers. Whatever your promotional product need, we have something to suit you!

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LED Power Bank New

LED Deluxe Power Bank

This is a new version of a previous product, the LED Power Bank. The casing has changed to become a more modern cubic shape, and now allows the branding to stand out even more, making for a really bold and daring promotional product that makes an impact.

It comes in a smooth black finish to compliment the bright white LED lights, and the 4000mAh battery is enough to charge the average smart phone completely between 1-2 times. Other LED colours are possible with certain MOQs.

wireless charging stand

Rise Wireless Charging Stand

This unique product is a fantastic looking portable wireless charger that also doubles as a phone stand. Two different charging coils mean your phone can charge sitting on the device in landscape or portrait mode, perfect for charging whilst watching videos. A panel detaches from the back and slots in the bottom of the device to stand it vertically making this a wireless charger and power bank hybrid.

Full colour printing is available, to allow for intricate designs that will stand out from the black finish.

promotional webcam cover

Slider Webcam Cover

These new webcam covers are larger and bolder than our previous version, providing a larger area for logos or company names, making them a far greater proposition for a promotional product. Available in black and white, these can be printed on in full colour, allowing for stand out designs to be used.

The Slider Webcam Cover sticks on easily, using a simple adhesive on the back of the cover to stick to the laptop or monitor, and can easily be peeled back off if the cover needs to be removed permanently.

Black promotional cable

Braided 3 in 1 Cable

This braided cable is design to make an instant impact. It comes in a range of eye grabbing colours such as red, blue and gold, and can be engraved to create a cable that both looks and feels incredibly high quality. This is a cable that really separates itself from the pack.

The cable contains Lightning, micro USB and USB-C connectors to allow for connectivity with all major modern smartphone or tablet devices, and the compact design means maximum portability.

White promo cable

Promotional 3 in 1 Cable

This cable comes in an ultra-clean looking white finish and has a solid plastic plate located on two different sides which allows for full colour printing and aids the creation of interesting designs. The cable has a range of connectors allowing for maximum compatibility, with Lightning, USB-C and micro USB connectors.

A loophole at the top of the device allows for it to be attached to devices or key rings easily and the compact designs means it is easily portable, being small enough to fit in pockets or small bags.

Branded zipper packaging

Large Zipper Pouch

This Large Zipper Pouch is a new and diverse packaging option, that is sturdy and soft to touch. A large surface area means complex and intricate designs are achieved easier, and we can print in full digital colour, making this ideal to house corporate gifts.

This zipper pouch is available on its own, or you can fill it with a range of our different gifts, including three pre-made gift sets available on our website. All contents are houses neatly using custom cut foam that holds the devices securely and looks pleasing too.

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