5 Reasons You Must Buy Your USB Memory Sticks From USB2U

Are you looking for a supplier for your branded USB memory sticks? With the range of “new” suppliers that keep popping up everyday it’s increasingly difficult to work out who to entrust with your order – after all, all USB flash drives are the same aren’t they?

The short answer is no – unfortunately there seems to be a lot of USB flash drives reaching the market that are not quite what they might appear at first glance so when you’re selecting a supplier you really do need to be on your mettle.

Branded USB Flash Drives from USB2U

Here’s just a few reasons why you should buy your promotional USB memory sticks from USB2U:

  1. We’ve been around for a while - USB2U has been supplying USB memory sticks and other USB related products via its sister company (USBNow.co.uk) since 2002. What we don’t know about the USB standard and products that use it probably isn’t worth knowing. In this time we’ve supplied millions of USB products to hundreds of thousands of customers.
  2. We’re trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world. As you might expect our customers’ range from small start-ups to some of the most powerful and respected companies in the world. The USB memory sticks we supply to these companies carry their brand so it’s their image and reputation that is on the line – no ifs, no buts, the USB sticks we supply not only have to look good but they have to work.
  3. We don’t and won’t supply cheap rubbish – we know a number of other companies are passing off masked or recycled Grade B as new Grade A flash drives – it’s normally pretty easy to tell:
    • The price is significantly cheaper than most other established and reputable suppliers can supply them at – often the price is that low that its cheaper than the core flash memory component is to buy in the flash commodity market.
    • The read/write speeds will be very, very slow – promotional flash drives are normally a little slower than flash drives you might buy in the high street but low quality drives can be significantly slower.
    • A masked drive that claims it’s a 1GB might in fact only be able to store say 600K of data – when you plug it into your PC it will say it’s a 1GB, it will even let you save nearly 1GB of data onto it but if you then try and read the data in another PC it mysteriously won’t be there!
  4. We offer a solid guarantee – our own reputation has been built over the last 9 years and we don’t let out customers down. If things go wrong and in reality it happens occasionally then we’re here to sort it out for you.
  5. Our prices might not be the cheapest but they reflect the best possible price we can offer without making any compromise on the quality of the core product – the USB flash drive. We offer immediate 30-day terms for all educational establishments and public sector organisations and we’re happy to consider requests for credit from all other companies.

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