5 reasons to upgrade to wireless charging

5 reasons to upgrade to wireless charging

5 reasons to upgrade to wireless charging!

Charging has changed so much over the years, and because of that, we’re always finding new ways to keep all of our clients up to date with the best charging solutions for their devices. One of the ways we’ve done this is by creating a range of wireless chargers that boost the battery life of most modern phones, not only that, but we’ve also made sure that each of our wireless chargers can be branded with a logo or a design, creating a stylish finish without compromising the function of the product.

How does wireless charging work?

A wireless charger is a charging accessory that uses electromagnetic induction to transfer electricity wirelessly allowing mobile phones to draw power from it without the need for wires. This type of charger has become popular over the years because of its easy and user-friendly features. While many people still use the conventional wired chargers, there are several reasons to invest in a wireless option…

  • They help to declutter your space.
  • They offer convenience for home or office charging.
  • Because there's no physical connection, it reduces wear on device ports. 
  • They are safer than contemporary charging cables.
  • They are easy to set up and easy to use.

Simply put, wireless charging is as easy as picking up your phone and dropping it on the charging dock without having to plug a wire into your phone, and without having to see long wires. Although you still have to plug the charger into a USB port, your phone and desk remain wire-free.

Our range of wireless chargers!

At USB2U we offer an extensive range of wireless chargers, we have our eco-friendly options such as the Bamboo Square Wireless Charger, Bamboo Circle Wireless Charger, the Wooden Wireless Charger, and the Eco 10W Wireless Charger.

For a more lightweight and compact wireless charging solution, we have the Mini Wireless Chargers, this charging accessory also comes in black or white with choice of Circle or Square design.

Our sleek Curve Wireless Charger is the perfect option if you are looking for an impressive corporate gift.  When plugged in, this charger lights up in a green LED light around the edges, these edges also turn blue when a phone device is being charged available in 10W or faster charging 15W versions. Alternatively, the LED Deluxe Wireless Charger will really light up branding, helping your brand stand out with LED  branding technology, why not illuminate your logo or slogan in a bright white LED light?

More options for you to choose from…

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