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    From full colour UV printing to highly detailed laser engraving, we offer a full suite of branding options

Branding options

Your USB flash drives can be printed, engraved or embossed with your branding or chosen artwork. Also your Power Banks can be printed and engraved.

If you are not sure which method to go with please give us a call and let's talk through your requirements. Let us have your artwork and we will send you a mock up of how it would look on your USB stick or a Power Bank. 

Spot colour screen printing tends to be the most popular option because it is the best way to show off a brand. If you want to go the extra mile you could also consider combining a printed flash drive with a printed presentation box or tin, and possibly even a branded lanyard.

The printing options:
Spot Colour Print

1. Spot Colour Screen Printing

  • The most popular printing method for branded flash drives
  • Allows you to print individual colours to build up your logo
  • Suitable for any products sold by USB2U
  • Not suitable for complex logos with more than 4 colours or a graduated tint.
Full Colour Print

2. Full Colour Digital Printing

  • Full colour printing is effectively photo quality printing
  • Excellent results with even the most complex of designs
  • Available on a wide range of USB Memory Sticks
  • Slightly more costly option
Domed Digital Print

3. Resin Dome Stickers

  • Regularly used on Twister USB Memory sticks
  • Artwork sits under a protective acrylic layer
  • Full colour print with shades and gradients is supported
  • Provides a scratch resistant and long lasting finish

4. Laser Engraving

  • Option for metal or wooden flash drives only
  • The depth of the 'etch' can be altered to improve the visibility
  • Long lasting technique that is generally scratch resistant

5. Embossing

  • Suitable for leather USB Memory sticks only
  • Produces a very professional (luxurious) finish
  • Extremely tough and resilient
Lighted Print

6. Illuminated Logo

  • Only available if you order the Patrol USB drive or the Crystal USB
  • A range of different lighting colours are available
  • The logo glows when the memory stick is plugged in

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