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    Encryption is the answer if you need to restrict access to your USB sticks

Data Encryption

Protect yourself and your organization with hardware encrypted USBs

Small items such as USB sticks can be easily lost when you carry them around with you. If your USB stick contains sensitive information of any description, then you might risk it falling into the wrong hands. Still have a use for removable storage in your organization, but worried about the risks to privacy and security? Encrypted USB sticks are the answer. 

During the manufacturing process, encrypted USB sticks are created with extra layers of protection and encryption, to make it virtually impossible for the USB to be hacked should it be compromised.  You can restrict access to the data stored on your encrypted USBs by protecting it with a password

Using branded encrypted USBs couldn't be easier - simply plug it in and set your own secure password or passcode when you first use it. It’s simple and easy!

Check out our range of brandable, hardware encrypted USB sticks which are safe, secure and would look great with your logo on here.

Still not sure about the benefits of encrypted drives or how they work? Call us free on 0800 008 7079 or email [email protected] and one of our USB experts will be happy to help.



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