Artwork Guidelines for Branded USB Sticks

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To help us ensure your order reaches in time. We need to have the correct format of your company logo. Most importantly we need to have production ready graphics from your company before we can start on the process of your order.

Imprint Areas
When you browse through our products you will able to see the imprint areas clearly stated within the product specifications. Imprint areas are the printable dimensions where your company logo is placed. These dimensions are rough guides only to give you an indication of how much space you are able to play with. You can discuss your possibilities with us so we can get our design department to mockup your requests.

USB2U Artwork Submitting Vector Art - Request a mockup
There are two main types of graphics that exists today, raster and vector graphics. Ideally we required vectorised artwork for high quality product of your order. Click here to order yours today.

Raster Art (JPEG, GIF, BITMAP files)
Raster graphics are an arrangement of individual pixels placed in squares of a graph paper. Each square on the graph paper represents a single pixel. Each pixel has a colour value assigned to them. When zoomed these pixels are revealed. Raster file types: .gif, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .psd, .psb, and others.

Vector Art (EPS, Adobe Illustrator, CAD files)
Vector graphics consist of mathematical formulas that work out the positions of points and the quality of lines between those points. Vector graphics explains the computer via these formulas how to display lines and shapes as well as which colours to use, where to place them on the working canvas and at which size. Vector file types: .eps, .ai, .pdf, .cad, .swf, and others Please Note: Raster art files types listed are always 100% raster art, but vector art file types can consist of raster and vector art. Ask your design department whether the artwork is setup as a vector graphic. If not you may want your design department to convert the artwork into a vectorised graphic.

USB2U Pantones Identifying Your Pantone Colors
Many of our printing methods require a Pantone colour to be identified for true colours.
Click here to download the Pantone Chart.

Pantone Solid-Coated Colors
We require Pantone solid coated colours for colour and multi colour printing to match.

For the best results, we highly recommend that you use a Pantone Color Guide to choose the correct/matching color. If you wish, we will choose colors that match your given colors as near as possible.

Black And White Pantone colours
Black and white do not require Pantone matching. However, all shades of gray do.

For more information on logo colour matching, please visit the Pantone Matching section of the website.