Encrypted USBs for Schools

Why should schools consider using Encrypted USBs?

There is an increasing amount of pressure on schools to look at ways of protecting the data they handle via encryption technology, in order to help ensure the safety of both pupils and teachers. 

In general, any personal information held by an institution should be protected in some way, this could be any piece of data referring to a pupil's name and address to medical history, psychological evaluations, social welfare or even exam results!

Encrypted USBs add a layer of protection to a school’s security processes and ensure that all personal information remains safe from unauthorized access and isn't compromised if it were to go missing. 

Why Encrypt?

  • The main reason as to why it is important for schools to start using encrypted devices as standard is due to the ongoing changes in data protection laws that are taking place.

    The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) taking effect from May 2018 presents one of the biggest shake-ups in modern times in regards to how businesses and organisations look after data. 

    Many schools have already been advised by governing bodies such as Ofsted that they need to re-evaluate current security procedures to ensure that they meet new official guidelines- if they don't, many could face possible fines of up to €20 million or 4% of their annual turnover (whichever is higher).

  • Certain schools may already adopt the practice of using software to help encrypt a USB flash drive that a teacher or pupil may then use, however, this is not necessarily the safest method when it comes to looking after data. 

    The main weakness of using software to encrypt a USB is that such devices are still only as secure as the PC they are used on. If a computer or school server is compromised, there is no guarantee that a USB isn't also going to be vulnerable to an attack.

    Hardware encrypted USBs are designed with their own built-in encryption and security which run separate to the machines they are plugged into, therefore are nowhere near as easy to hack into.

    In general, these sort of devices also tends to be a lot easier to use as the software applications come pre-installed on them and therefore they do not require the user to have any prior knowledge of encryption, making it a lot more accessible for both teachers and pupils to use. 

  • USB2U offers a number of GDPR compliant encrypted devices that are suitable for Schools to use including a range of Kingston® USBs alongside the new SafeToGo® Solo USB.  

    The devices we recommend come with USB 3.0  as standard and 256-bit AES hardware encryption. Most encrypted USBs that we offer also support SafeConsole, a cloud-based platform designed to communicate with all encrypted devices so that an organisation can monitor their use and if necessary remotely delete any data from a device if it becomes lost, misplaced or stolen. 


    SafeToGo Solo USBBudget-Friendly Option- Devices such as the SafeToGo® Solo USB could be considered ideal for those looking for an encrypted USB on a tight budget. The only downside to these USB sticks is they do not support SafeConsole management, but this system isn't necessarily needed if the devices are only going to be used on one premises or the school itself is relatively small in terms of staff and pupil numbers making it easy to keep track of who has one. The SafeToGo® Solo USB also offers the same level of protection as other Kingston® and SafeToGo® devices with 256-bit AES Encryption integrated as standard. 

  • Each encrypted USB can be branded with a school logo or crest. 

    Kingston® Encrypted USBs are typically co-branded with a Kingston® logo appearing on one side and additional branding either printed (spot-colours) or engraved on the back. For low quantity orders, we tend to over-brand logos via resin dome stickers onto the USBs, which are printed in full-colour.  

    The SafeToGo Solo USBs similarly are co-branded with the SafeToGo® logo appearing on one side with an additional artwork then printed or engraved on the back

  • We can also offer serial numbering on each USB memory stick to ensure you can keep track of how many devices you have given out and to who. It's also possible to brand onto each stick with an individual pupils' name, on request, for a small additional fee.