Cheap Printed Flash Drives

If you’re searching the internet for a supplier of cheap printed USB flash drives then its worth just making sure that you understand the different responses such a search could generate.

Ask one supplier for cheap printed flash drives and they might construe this to mean you are willing to accept Grade B (recycled or refurbished flash chips) and that you’re not overly concerned about the fabrication standards and that you’re willing to put up with a “few failures”. Others might assume you have a budget to work to and will try and sell you smaller memory capacities to fit your budget.

If you are looking for the “best value” 1GB printed flash drives then you need to make sure when you ask for a price that you want:

  • New Grade A Chipset flash ideally from a named manufacturer, e.g Samung or Hynix
  • True 1GB of memory and not cheap substitute flash chips that are only 512MB but have been masked to appear as though they are 1GB
  • Good quality casings that won’t fall apart when first used
  • A high quality of print or engraving that won’t scratch off within a day or two
  • A fully inclusive price rather than a headline-grabbing price with lots of “extras” for print origination, print set-up, mock-ups, data loading, boxes, delivery etc.
  • USB flash drives that are fully compliant with the RoHS legislation (failure to comply could result in hefty fines for you)

Its not unheard of for suppliers to offer jaw-dropping prices for branded USB memory sticks only to then deliver

Printed USB Flash Drives

cheap, sub-standard products with a high failure rate and poor print. Often it’s these suppliers that are difficult to track down and take ownership of the problem when things go wrong.

When you’d buying promotional products that will carry your company’s brand its incredibly important that they uphold the brand values invested in your company. A cheap and nasty USB flash drive with poor print and a propensity to fail is not something you really want as an ambassador for your brand.

Of course some companies may have some genuine deals and offers and just be clearing stock and in these circumstance providing you can get clarity on the above points then you might just grab a bargain. But all too often the old adage of “If it’s sounds too good to be true then it probably isn’t true”.

Buying printed flash drives is no different to buying other things in life; be clear of what you want, research the pitfalls, get some comparative quotes, research the sellers, ideally get some references from previous customer and don’t always buy on price and price alone – particularly when the item in question is going to carry your brand on it!

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