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Here you will find all of the USB styles we produce at USB2U. Filter on our most popular products if you have not quite made your mind up and would like some guidance (you can get in touch with us too) or sort by product name to quickly find the product you have in mind.

Our styles show many brilliant ways in which you can use USB sticks for promotional purposes — just have a look at our novelty USBs. Do you have an idea in mind? We have no limits — give us a call and we can go from there. If you are unsure about which style will work best for you and your business, our quick guide can offer you the inspiration you need.

Looking for USB Classics?

From our most popular Twister stick, which rotates at 360 degrees, to Chic, Trident and Probe, which all have lanyard loops. We also have our premium quality sticks, such as the cap less Glide, and several of these are exclusive to USB2U — take our illuminating Rainbow USB, which lights up when in use, or our retractable Slider stick.

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  1. Black Twister USB stick with pinterest logo
    Best Seller
    Express Available
    Twister USB
  2. Twister Mono USB
    Express Available
    Twister Mono USB
  3. Twister Engraved USB
    Express Available
    Twister Engraved USB
  4. Black branded USB with white logo
    Best Seller
    Shadow USB
  5. Glide USB
    Best Seller
    Glide USB
  6. Probe USB
    Best Seller
    Probe USB
  7. Chic USB
    Best Seller
    Express Available
    Chic USB
  8. Trident USB
    Best Seller
    Express Available
    Trident USB
  9. metal iron stick usb branded
    Iron Stick USB
  10. Elite Slider USB
    Best Seller
    Elite Slider USB
  11. Oval USB
    Oval USB
  12. Harbour USB
    Harbour USB
  13. Engraved Slider USB
    Engraved Slider USB
  14. Pill USB
    Pill USB
  15. Celebrity USB
    Best Seller
    Celebrity USB
  16. Key USB (printed)
    Key USB (printed)
  17. Slider USB
    Slider USB
  18. Cowboy USB
    Best Seller
    Cowboy USB
  19. Boss USB
    Boss USB
  20. Cowgirl USB
    Cowgirl USB
  21. Rodeo USB
    Best Seller
    Express Available
    Rodeo USB
  22. Capsule USB
    Capsule USB
  23. Key USB (engraved)
    Key USB (engraved)
  24. Kart USB
    Kart USB
  25. Carbon USB
    Carbon USB
  26. Radial USB
    Radial USB
  27. Battery USB
    Battery USB
  28. Metal Bottle USB
    Metal Bottle USB
  29. Sphere USB
    Sphere USB
  30. Corporate USB Pen
    Corporate USB Pen
  31. Stylus USB Pen
    Stylus USB Pen
  32. Sapling USB
    Sapling USB
  33. Metal USB People
    Metal USB People
  34. Rainbow USB Stick
    Express Available
    Rainbow USB Stick
  35. Executive USB Stylus
    Executive USB Stylus
  36. Executive USB Pen
    Best Seller
    Executive USB Pen
  37. Woodland USB Pen
    Woodland USB Pen
  38. USB Card
    Best Seller
    Express Available
    USB Card
  39. Sleek USB Pen
    Sleek USB Pen
  40. Iron Outdoor
    Iron Outdoor
  41. Iron Elegance
    Iron Elegance
  42. Iron Elegance C
    Iron Elegance C
  43. Crystal USB
    Crystal USB
  44. Iron C USB
    Iron C USB
  45. Carabiner USB
    Carabiner USB
  46. Bottle Opener USB
    Bottle Opener USB
  47. Woodland USB
    Best Seller
    Express Available
    Woodland USB
  48. Wooden Twister USB
    Express Available
    Wooden Twister USB
  49. Wooden Swivel USB
    Best Seller
    Express Available
    Wooden Swivel USB
  50. Wood Barrel USB
    Wood Barrel USB
  51. Leaf USB
    Leaf USB
  52. Branded USB lanyard
    Lanyard USB
  53. Snapband USB
    Snapband USB
  54. Wristband USB
    Wristband USB
  55. Heart USB
    Heart USB
  56. Metal Can USB
    Metal Can USB
  57. Eco Bamboo USB
    Eco Bamboo USB

85 Items

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