Reformatting a USB on a Mac OS

Reformatting a USB flash drive on a Mac OS is relatively straightforward to do, below we take you through the step by step guide of how it's done.

Tip: It's advisable that you use a blank USB stick when reformatting or make backups of all files that are stored on your device as the below steps will erase all the data from the flash drive.

Before you start, be sure to check out our guide as to which formats offer the greatest compatibility between operating systems.

1. Access the disk utility area on your Mac OS and then click on the USB you wish to reformat in the left panel.

This should bring up details relating to the USB including the current capacity of the device (please note that USB system formats will have slightly different names on a Mac OS) 

Mac OS Disk Utility

2. Click Erase located at the top of the window. 

Disk Utility Mac OS

3. A window should appear similar to the below, from here you can click on the drop-down menu and select which system format you would like to proceed with.

Erase USB Stick - USB Reformatting

Erase USB Stick - USB Reformatting

4. After you have decided on a USB format to go ahead with, simply click the Erase button, your USB will now be reformatted and be ready to use. 


ExFat USB System Format

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