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Small Medium & Large Wooden USB Gift Boxes – What size are you

Posted by USB2U on 25th March 2015 | Permalink

In response to demand from our Professional Photography customers we have introduced a range of new wooden boxes and they come in two different finishes and three different sizes and we think they’re amazing.

We officially launched or new USB gift boxes at The Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham over the last 4 days and the response has been overwhelmingly positive with lots of customers placing orders for our new USB stick and Gift Boxes Bundles.

The primary difference between the two new ranges is the wood that the box is made from; one is made from Pine and the other is made from Maple, a hardwood. Both are from sustainable sources and both come unfinished (i.e. they are not varnished, stained or painted with a paint wash) but if you order them we will either print or engrave your logo on the box lid and on request we can also print or engrave your website address (or any other message) on the back of the box.

Small Wooden USB Gift Box Small Wooden USB Gift Box – Maple

As standard we supply the boxes with a natural fibre filling (coconut coir for the small boxes and fine wood wool filling for the medium and large boxes) but of course you can discard the standard filling and use your own – lots of our customers do.

We’ve been selling the smaller boxes for nearly 2 years and they still remain the most popular boxes we sell but we were asked to source and supply slightly larger boxes that could have a couple of compartments in them; one compartment for the branded USB memory stick onto which a digital copy of the prints has been saved; and one compartment for some 6” x 4” prints. The medium (square) and large (rectangle) boxes are the ones with 2 compartments.

Square Maple Wooden USB Gift Box Square Maple Wooden USB Gift Box

As you can see from these images the boxes, irrespective of whether you have them printed or engraved, look brilliant and will provide your clients with an amazing keepsake for their images.

The larger boxes are 250mm x 125mm x 50mm and the medium (square) boxes are 170mm x 170mm x 50mm. All of our USB gift boxes are held in stock in the UK and we do the print and engraving in-house. We don’t outsource any of the finishing to a 3rd party, everything is done by us because we have a slight “control freak” issue and we like to make sure that we control the quality and finish of our boxes (and USB sticks)!

If you’d like to see what your logo might look like on any of our boxes then please get in touch for a no obligation quote. We’re also happy to work up mock-ups for you free of charge and send out samples (note samples of the larger boxes may be subject to a small fee to cover the P&P costs).

Large engraved Maple USB Gift Box Large engraved Maple USB Gift Box


USB2U Launches New USB Sticks and Gift Box Packages for Professional Photographers and the Feedback is Universally Excellent

Posted by USB2U on 5th February 2014 | Permalink

The market for professional photographers is tough and it’s incredibly competitive. Arguably since the arrival of digital photography and the paradigm shift it created the barriers to entry have been reduced – anyone with a decent digital camera, a Mac and software editing software can “claim” to be a professional photographer. In the UK alone there are said to be around 45 – 50,000 professional photographers!

To survive professional photographers are having to up their game and put more emphasis on their branding, marketing, and the way they deliver their images to their clients. Websites, Pinterest Pages, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts are now de rigueur. Of course there is no substitute for being brilliant behind the lens and having a engaging manner with clients that puts them at ease but to be a commercial success brilliant marketing and presentation is now just as critical.

Long gone are the days when professional photographers could offer their clients their portfolio on a CD or DVD. Whilst printed images, albums and folios still reign supreme clients still want (expect) to be given digital copies of their images so that they can post them on their Facebook pages, blogs and other Social Networking and of course make their own prints.

USB Sticks and Boxes for Photographers

USB Sticks and Boxes for Photographers

Branded USB memory sticks are the new way for photographers to delivery digital copies of prints to their clients but USB stick suppliers (much like photographers) have had to up their game as well. It’s no longer good enough to supply basic models printed with a brand of logo – photographers are demanding innovative USB solutions that include attractive packaging options and they want something that can’t be picked up in the High Street. In response to this USB2U has launched a new range of USB sticks and gift boxes aimed specifically at the photography sector and the feedback has been universally excellent:

Tim Simpson Photography said: “This is the second time we have used USB2U. This time we had the wooden presentation boxes too. At Tim Simpson Photography we try to do things with style and little differently. We feel this product backs this up, we know our clients are impressed when they receive their images presented this way. A great product.”

Lavenham Photographic said: I ordered some wooden USB sticks for my wedding photography business and could not be happier with the quality of the finish! The engraving of my logo is so fine and detailed, (even with a very small fine font) and nobody I’ve shown them to has ever seen anything like them before. For conveying the impression of being ‘special’ ‘different’ and ‘high quality’ they are absolutely spot-on.

Elisha Clarke Photography said: “I am delighted with me new USBs! The wooden boxes and USBs have a beautiful and professional finish. Everyone I show is impressed.”

USB2U will be at The Photography Show at the NEC, Birmingham held on the 1st – 4th March 2014.


Premium White USB Gift Boxes are back in Stock!

Posted by USB2U on 24th September 2013 | Permalink

It’s been a painful couple of months whilst we waited for the arrival of our latest sea freight delivery of USB gift boxes but we’re delighted to announce that they are finally with us! We’ve got lots of back-orders to fulfil for patient customers that were desperate for these boxes – all of these will be fulfilled this week.

Whilst we now have thousands of the white gift boxes in stock they are expected to go pretty quickly so if you are interested in getting your hands on some of these boxes this side of Christmas we strongly recommend that you get your order in now.

These particular gift boxes are very popular because they’re a little big bigger than most USB gift boxes so they really do make an impact when handed out. They’re finished to a very high standard and they come complete with custom cut black foam inserts (custom cut to match the USB sticks you buy). But, the real clincher is the quality of print that can be achieved on them – the images shown here are of actual boxes that have been printed by us – they look amazing!

When combined with our USB sticks the “complete package” of stick and box is very impressive and whilst it has broad appeal across our customer base it’s a package that seems to appeal to Professional Photographers who like the larger size of the box and the ability to get creative with the larger print space on offer.

White USB Gift Boxes

White USB Gift Boxes

The boxes can be printed front and back – we’ve just supplied 1,500 to a large Tour Promoter to accompany a major artist’s European tour and they have printed the tour images on the front and the tour dates on the back! Something you just couldn’t achieve with any of our smaller USB gift boxes.

If white gift boxes aren’t you’re thing then we also carry in stock in the UK a wide range of other boxes including wooden boxes, black cardboard boxes that we engrave, plastic boxes with a magnetic clasp and small “standard” gift boxes. These can all be engraved or printed and most can be delivered from stock (branded) in as little as 24hrs!

White USB Gift Boxes

White USB Gift Boxes

Whatever your packaging requirements are for your USB sticks we probably have a solution for you – just give us a call on our Freephone number (we’ll pay for the call) and chat to us about what you need and how quickly you need them – we’d love to hear from you.


USB Gift Boxes to Die For

Posted by USB2U on 27th August 2013 | Permalink

There’s an old saying that goes something like “don’t spoil ship for a ha’p’orth (half a pennyworth) of tar” which basically means don’t spend a lot of money on a project and then go and spoil it by cutting corners.

Sadly we often see this in the world of promotional USB memory sticks – the majority of the printed or engraved USB sticks we supply are delivered “in bulk” which typically means they are supplied in individual clear polythene bags or simple plain white cardboard boxes. Arguably this is fine if they are then going to be handed out to passers by at a trade show or given out at a school (pupils aren’t often that bothered by packaging). But if you’re handing them out to VIP clients, paying attendees at a seminar or conference or to journalists at a press event then you really do need to think about how you are going to package them.

A good quality USB gift box that is either printed or engraved with a logo/message adds massively to the drama and theatre of handing out the USB sticks – the overall package looks better, it looks complete and it looks like some thought has gone into not just the USB stick but the whole package. The more impressed people are with their “gift” the more they’re going to appreciate it, the more they are going to remember it (and who gave it to them) and the more they are going to use it.  Surely this has to be the objective you had in mind when you set out to give away USB sticks in the first place!

Printed USB Tins

There are loads of great looking USB gift boxes available now and they don’t add much to the overall cost so there’s no excuse for at the very least checking out the options. Some of the more popular gift boxes are large white glossy boxes with a black custom foam inlay (printed in full colour) and tin gift boxes, again also printed with a logo on the lid.

These add a real “wow” factor and also protect the USB stick in transit.

Printed and engravbed USB Gift Boxes

If you’re a professional photographer and you’re planning on making the move to USB sticks from CD’s and DVD’s then packaging is going to be very important to you because you operate in a visual world and the USB stick needs to be an extension of your brand and personality. Fortunately there are lots of packaging options for you to choose from including some very smart engraved wooden USB gift boxes (with various foam and straw insert options) and some classy looking black engraved gift boxes!

All of these are available from USB2U and all of these will really help to lift the impact of your brand when you hand them out.


Engraved USB Boxes – So Detailed Some People Think They’re Printed

Posted by USB2U on 20th March 2013 | Permalink

One of the big success stories during the last 12 months at USB2U has been our customised black gift boxes. It’s pretty clear that for some sectors and in particular professional photographers and wedding photographers that a top quality gift box for their USB sticks is a must.

Of course there are lots of options to choose from but what makes the black gift box unique amongst the range of boxes currently on offer from USB2U is that it can be engraved rather than printed. In fact engraving is the best option for this box because it gives a consistent, high quality finish that simply can’t be matched by silk screen or digital printing. It helps that we use the latest state of the art laser engravers because these can achieve a level of detail that is difficult to achieve with even the best printers.

Interestingly some of the feedback we’ve had from our customers on these black engraved boxes is that the quality is so good they “can’t believe the boxes have been engraved” because the finish is more akin to a very high quality print. But, engraved (or laser etched to be precise) is what they are and as you can see from the images shown here the results are fantastic.

Our black gift boxes are manufactured from re-cycled cardboard and each one is supplied with a custom black foam insert that is specifically tailored for the model of USB stick that they are going to be used with. Being manufactured from recycled cardboard they overcome most concerns people have about using unnecessary packaging or offending customers and clients who might have a strong “anti-packaging” agenda.

Engraved Black USB Gift Boxes

Engraved Black USB Gift Boxes

A good, strong image or design works best on these black boxes and arguably the more complex the better albeit you will need to supply your artwork in a high quality vector format for us to work with. The final finish on the boxes is achieved by “etching” off a very thin layer of the black paper coating on the box and revealing the lighter colour of the cardboard below. Don’t think engraved as in a deep gouge that you see on trophies or wood engravings think more about a very fine etching.

We recommend engraving on these boxes rather than printing simply because the surface of these boxes when examined under a magnifying glass is not perfectly flat so any print can appear slight dappled and uneven whereas etching cuts through the surface leaving a precise and high quality image.


USB Memory Stick Boxes that are Pretty as a Picture

Posted by USB2U on 5th March 2013 | Permalink

If you’re a professional photographer and you’re looking for a gift box to use to hand out your USB memory sticks in then you might just want to take a look at our new glossy white gift boxes. They are the best USB gift boxes we’ve seen for some time and because they’re white (and glossy) they really show off any image or logo that’s printed on them.

Take a look at some of the examples below and you’ll see what we mean. The boxes are a good size (14cm x 10cm and 2.75cm) so we can print high quality full colour images on the front (and back if needed) and we can print them in pretty small quantities as well. Whilst the minimum order is 25 we can print different images on the batches of 5 boxes within a small order of this size.

USB Gift Boxes

The benefit of this is that all of a sudden it means that not only can you use the boxes to advertise and promote your own business but you could use them (fully customised) for your customers. For example if you’re shooting a wedding and you’re presenting the final images on a USB memory stick then you could get one of the images printed onto the front of the gift box and really personalise the box (your own details could be printed discretely on the back of the box).

In a competitive market where you need to make your service stand out the ability to offer your client their finished portfolio pre-loaded onto a top quality printed or engraved USB memory stick and delivered in a gift box that has been personalised is going to give you a real advantage. Not only that but there will be plenty of margin for you in these gift boxes over and above the margin you make on the USB sticks and to paraphrase a certain leading supermarket “every little helps”!

White USB Gift Boxes

We carry thousands of these gift boxes in stock in the UK and we can print and deliver them in as little as 24hrs if you need them quickly. You’ll pay a small premium for our 24hr service so if you can factor in a 5 day lead time you’ll save yourself any “rush fees”.

Every box is supplied with custom fit black foam inserts and the lids contain a discrete magnet to ensure it stays in place.

Interested? Give us a call or drop us an email – we mock them up free of charge!


Pretty, Very Pretty White USB Boxes

Posted by USB2U on 25th February 2013 | Permalink

If you’re looking for a really attractive gift or presentation box for your printed USB memory sticks then we’ve got a new option that we think will blow you away – our Glossy White gift boxes look absolutely stunning printed and they come with a variety of pre-cut foam inserts that have been laser cut to fit precisely around the USB sticks that are inserted in them.

The boxes measure 14cm x 10cm by 2.75cm and as standard they come with a magnetic “flip” style lid and black internal foam that has been cut to house our most popular models of USB stick (Twister, Chic, Trident and Woodland). We can print in full colour on the front of the box and if you really want to go the extra mile we can print your contact details, web address and phone number(s) on the back of the box – well, we can print anything you want on the back as well but most people are like to only print on the front.

White USB Gift Boxes from USB2U

White USB Gift Boxes from USB2U

They are manufactured from strong re-cycled cardboard which has then been covered in a high quality gloss paper. They’re large enough to show off pretty much any complex image and their size means they make a real statement when they’re handed out.

We’re expecting these glossy white USB gift boxes to be a real hit with professional and wedding photographers because although we’ve been offering printed and engraved black flip boxes for some time the general feedback has been that they would have preferred a white option. To be fair the print works much better on the white option than the black box which tends to lend itself to engraving.

If you’re not sure which of our gift boxes would work best for you or which would work best with your logo then just ask us for a sample. If you have artwork ready and we have time we’ll even print or engrave a box or two for you so you can see them in the flesh and make a more informed decision.

These gift boxes are supplied from stock from the UK so providing our print schedule is not too full we might be able to print and deliver them in as little as 24hrs – if you are in a hurry it’s always worth call us to check what stock we have in and what lead times we can offer.

Printed USB White Gift Boxes

Printed USB White Gift Boxes



Why Choose USB2U?

Posted by USB2U on 21st July 2011 | Permalink

USB2U is pleased to announce a new standard offer and a new homepage.

New Standard Offer

We now have a standard, permanent offer that includes the following:

  • FREE Delivery to one UK mainland address
  • FREE 4 Colour spot printing
  • FREE Data load up to 100mb
  • FREE Lanyards or Key Rings
  • FREE Gift box
  • Minimum Order Quantity of 25 units

These great offers apply to apply to every standard order regardless of USB style, quantity, or memory size.

list of key benefits of choosing USB2U as your branded usb stick supplier of choice

USB2U Offer

Free Delivery
Yes, standard delivery to one UK mainland address is FREE.  This applies to all standard orders regardless of order quantity, style or memory size.  We think that free delivery reduces the complication of different added costs and that it is good to know up-front how much your branded USB flash drives will cost.  Standard delivery is sent first class however; any times deliveries such as guaranteed next-day delivery will be charged for.

Free Printing
All of our flash drives now come with free colour printing up to four spot colours.  Multi-coloured logos and complicated designs are not a problem either as we are also offering free Resin Dome Stickers on our most popular USB model, the Twister.  To find out more about the Resin Dome Stickers click here and to see the Twister USB flash drive in more detail click here.

Free Data Load
We’ll load or copy any data you want onto the sticks for FREE. The only constraint is that the data must be less than 100MB otherwise a small charge will apply. We have our own in-house professional USB data duplication equipment so we can load you data right at the last minute if you struggle to get the data ready till then.

Free Lanyard or Key Ring
With all orders we are offering a selection of free coloured lanyards and key rings to accompany your USBs.  Our lanyards come in a range of 8 different colours, Black, White, Grey, Blue, Green, Orange, Red and Yellow.  Lanyards and Key Rings are ideal for School’s giving the USBs to their students.

Free Gift Box
With every order for branded flash drives we can supply free gift boxes. Please remember to ask for these, as we know not everyone wants them. As well as these free standard boxes we offer a wide range of presentation boxes and tins for your branded USB flash drives and these can be branded up with your logo as well to really compliment the memory stick. Ask for samples if you’re not sure. These can be seen here: USB Packaging.

25 Unit Minimum Order Quantity
Unlike some promotional companies, our minimum order quantity for printed flash drives is set at a realistic 25 pieces. If you just want plain (unprinted stock) then you can order from 5 pieces upwards.

New Homepage

To accompany our new great offer we have also just launched a brand new homepage that looks better, loads quicker and offers easier navigation.

Better Looking
We think that the new style of the homepage is much more tidy and sharp, the same way you feel when you have had a haircut.  The modules separate the different areas and links featured on the homepage easier on the eye and the new slider banner is much sleeker.

Quicker at Loading

Our homepage changes don’t only have an aesthetic appeal; it is now also quicker at loading.  This will make it much more convenient to visit our site and browse through our wide range of USB drives.

Easier Navigation
The new homepage has been revamped so that you can find what you want faster.  We have organised modules so that the more important and more frequently used sections of our site such as the product range, 48 hour rush service and Quote page are more accessible.

So, to see what all of the fuss is about and to view our new homepage click here.


Branded USB Flash Drives – To Box or Not to Box That is the Question

Posted by USB2U on 8th September 2010 | Permalink

If you’re ordering USB flash drives printed with a logo on for a forthcoming event, show, press conference or exhibition then one of the questions you’ll need to ask yourself is do you need to supply the USB flash drives in a gift box or would you be better off handing them out without any packaging?

USB Gift Boxes

USB Gift Boxes

There are two clear schools of thought on this with the “pro box” camp arguing that if you’re going to give someone a “gift” then you should package and present it just as you would any other gift. Consider if you’d be just as happy if your partner gave you a gift on your birthday but failed to put any thought into the way the gift was presented and given to you. It would look like he or she simply couldn’t be bothered or didn’t have the time to wrap up the gift and present it properly.

Part of the enjoyment of being given a gift is seeing how much thought has gone into it, how its been personalised for you and unwrapping or opening the gift to reveal the surprise. If the same gift were simply handed over in a plastic bag it wouldn’t have the same impact and would “lose” something in the giving. For the “pro-box” camp the argument is clear cut and they’ll always supply any branded USB flash drives they give out in presentation boxes and in some cases they might even go the extra mile and get the presentation cases printed as well!

USB Presentation Tin

USB Presentation Tin

The “anti-box” camp will conversely argue that there is already too much packaging in the world today and this packaging is just adding to the world’s growing waste problem. So for them irrespective of the benefits of supplying their USB flash drives in a simple cardboard gift box it’s simply a non-starter and metal tins or wooden boxes (even those from sustainable sources) are just a complete “no, no”.

So the arguments are clear and come down to a trade off between how environmentally friendly and eco-conscious you want to be versus a weaker impact when the USB flash drives are handed out.

The images here illustrate just how good branded USB flash drives can look when presented in a gift box. Whether to order a gift box with your drives is a judgement call you’ll have to make!


FREE Gift Boxes for Branded USB Memory Sticks

Posted by USB2U on 8th April 2010 | Permalink

Did we mention that we also supply FREE gift boxes with every order for branded USB memory sticks.  So in April whilst we are running our Easter promo you can get free data loading of your memory sticks and we’ll also pop them into a cute little gift box for you when they are data loaded at no extra cost!

We know that a lot of our competitors charge for every little “extra” and the “extra” charges for USB duplication and presentation boxes can add significantly to the overall cost.  At USB2U we strive to keep our costs to a minimum and pass these savings onto our customers.

Don’t worry though we definitely don’t compromise on quality. Our branded USB memory sticks are manufactured

Branded USB Flash Drives

Branded USB Flash Drives

using named Grade A flash memory chips rather than inferior Grade B or recycled flash chips that have a high failure rate.

Our desire to win your business with some cracking offers coupled with our commitment to quality and fast lead times we believe helps us stand out from the rest. So, if you’ve got a project, event or show that calls for branded memory sticks or fully customised (bespoke) flash drives then get in touch.  Our in-house design team can help with concepts and mock-ups (we don’t charge for these either) and our experienced sales team will guide you through the ordering process.

We don’t do anything until you’ve been given a formal quote, an initial mock-up (possibly more if it helps) and a final photo proof of your order. The whole process takes around 7 – 10 days but it you are in a hurry we hold stock in the UK which we can get printed and delivered to you in as little as 48hrs!

Whatever you do don’t place an order for branded memory sticks until you’ve spoken to one of our team. We think it’ll be worth it and after all we’re paying for the call because calls to us are Free as well on our Freephone number!

So in summary thats Free USB Presentation Boxes, Free Data Loading, Free mock-ups and Free calls to our sales team!