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Where Can You Get Printed or Engraved Flash Drives Delivered in 24hrs

Posted by USB2U on 19th November 2014 | Permalink

Pfft – we spit in the eye of delivery promises of 6 days. If you need your flash drives printed, data-loaded and delivered quickly then quickly is what we do! We don’t mess around talking days we prefer to talk in terms of hours. So, if you find yourself (for whatever reason) of needing some last minute promotional drives then firstly don’t panic and secondly pick up the phone and call us (or submit a quick quote enquiry via our web site and we’ll get back to you in 15 mins or less).

We’re based in Northampton in the UK. We hold tens of thousands of different USB sticks in stock in a wide range of styles and memory capacities and we print or engrave IN-HOUSE. No outsourcing to a local printer, no restricting you to one type of product and limited memory size options – we always have stock and we control the process from start to finish using our own team and as a consequence we can (and frequently do) take orders in the afternoon for delivery the next day across the UK, Europe and the USA. Don’t believe us then check out the reviews from thousands of happy customers on Trustpilot (many of whom will make reference to how blown away they were with the speed at which we delivered their order). Here are just a few examples from the last few days:

Beyond the ordinary!

We needed some premium usb sticks in presentation boxes for an event. The production team were even able to make up x100 usb sticks and boxes within 5 hours! To meet our tight deadline – which is beyond what is advertised on their website. I am very grateful and they look superb.

Great service and very speedy turnaround

Very impressed with the service from USB2U. Within 24 hours we had our USBs – they look great, the process was very easy, and everyone we dealt with was extremely happy. We’ll definitely buy from them again.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy !

The ordering process was very simple and the attention to detail excellent. It was an urgent requirement and the sticks arrived promptly.

So, if you have been challenged to find someone who you can trust to deliver a last minute requirement for USB memory sticks with your logo printed on them and with your data files pre-loaded onto them then please do get in touch. It doesn’t matter if your based in the UK, the USA or Timbuktu providing UPS deliver there on a next day service and providing you get in touch reasonably early in the day (ideally before 2pm) then we can normally help.

USB2U - Your Trusted Supplier of USB Memory Sticks

USB2U – Your Trusted Supplier of USB Memory Sticks


Stick-It USB Flash Drives – Ultimate Promotional Flexibility

Posted by USB2U on 2nd July 2014 | Permalink

What a brilliant idea! As their name implies these Stick-It USB Flash Drives simply stick onto anything and turn even the most mundane brochure, flyer, instruction manual or press release into something much more interesting.

They come in a wide range of colours (see image) they’re easy to use and apply (they have Scotch Double sided tape already applied to them) and when they’re stuck on they don’t come off easily. They’re available in a range of memory sizes (usually 128MB to 16GB) and they’re incredibly easy to use.

stick-it-USB Flash Drives

stick-it-USB Flash Drives

You get all the benefits of standard promotional USB flash drive but in a form factor will compliment and enhance your existing communication material. Although they are typically used unprinted there is scope to print a message or instruction on them albeit the text/logo would have to be pretty small. Some companies have printed the message “pull here” or “slide out” on them or on the brochure they are being attached to help the user understand what they have to do to use them albeit most people “get it” straight away.

The opportunities they open up are endless. If for example you send out user manuals with your products you could now attach a Stick-It USB flash drive to the manual and include on it all the software files (assuming it’s a product that needs software), videos on how to use the product, FAQ’s, instruction manuals, and embedded links to your website(s) to keep the user engaged and updated.

Equally if you have a press event/product launch and you want to add a bit of pzazz to it then these Stick-It USB flash drives are something that you can add quickly and easily and they “lift” a paper press release into something much more interesting, usable and more importantly memorable. You can load them (right at the last minute) with copies of the presentation slides, speaker notes, videos, product brochures, pricing plans white papers, competitor “knock off” sheets and so on. With 8GB to 16GB to play with frankly there is scope to provide tons of information in a truly interactive format.

They’re also really handy for breathing new life into existing marketing material. If you want to change the pricing, change the manuals etc. then just change the data you’ve loaded on the flash drive – Simples!

We carry these in stock in the UK in a wide range of different colours – call us if you’d like a free sample!


Buyer Beware – Promotional USB Memory Stick Scams are Rife

Posted by USB2U on 26th June 2014 | Permalink

It’s not quite made it onto Rogue Traders just yet but you do wonder how long it will take before the scams that are rife in this sector are exposed to a broader audience than we can achieve on our blog site.

The problem for anyone buying USB memory sticks is that it’s relatively easy to mislead and to end up buying rubbish. The big problem is that on the outside a fake USB stick can look genuine BUT it’s what under the skin of a USB stick that really matters and not how good they look on the outside. You can’t even trust the brands printed on the outside of the USB sticks because these are easy to fake to!

The Chinese factories will produce any shape of USB you want and print any logo on them – rarely are questions asked about who owns the brand, if there is permission to use the brand and so on. Consequently if you wanted to buy USB flash drives that look exactly like say a Kingston Flash Drive then no problem – how many do you want tends to be the only question asked and then it’s just a question of how much (or little) you want to spend on the internal components!

The fakes might look like the real thing but when used don’t be surprised to discover that the claimed 16GB flash drive only contains 4GB of flash memory. When you plug it in and check the properties of the flash drive it might look like a 16GB but the try and load 16GB of data onto it. If you have bought a 4GB USB drive that has been “masked” to look like a 16GB then when you load more than 4GB of data onto the drive you’ll get a “disk full” error message. Masking is a common problem and because very few people know they have an issue until they’ve been using the sticks the scammers often get away with it.

The other common issue with fakes is their build quality and data transfer speeds. Most fakes use cheap, grade “B” flash memory components many of which will be recycled. As you can image the problem with these components is that they have a high probability of failure and they typically have slow read/write speeds.

Promotional USB flash drives are sold to companies, school and universities in their millions every year and whilst they are ordered from local suppliers pretty much every USB memory sticks will have been manufactured to order and flown in from China.

Pressure to reduce prices and win business has seen some unscrupulous local suppliers of branded USB memory sticks supply “masked” sticks and pass them off as drives of a higher capacity. The only way to be sure that you are getting what you are paying for is to load one of the USB memory sticks to the limit and check that you can load 4GB of data onto a 4GB USB Memory Stick. You’re never going to get access to 100% of a 4GB drive because some of the capacity is used to manage the way the USB stores its data but you should be able to use around 95% of a 4GB drive.

We strongly recommend that you buy from a known and trusted local supply. Ideally choose a company that has been around for a good number of years and who are not going to disappear overnight. You want to buy from a company that is financially stable and is going to be there stand behind any guarantee that’s on offer. A 10 year guarantee is only any good if the company is still around to claim against it!

If you buy from direct from China and pay up-front (as you will have to) then you open up a whole additional set of risks/issue. Only an option for the brave or the foolhardy.



New – Sample Packs of USB Flash Drives & Boxes for Photographers

Posted by USB2U on 25th April 2014 | Permalink

If you’re a professional photographers and you’re still not quite sure if making the move from CD’s and DVD’s to USB flash drives is right for you then this is going to be good news.

Until recently most suppliers of USB packages aimed specifically at the photographer market have asked for a minimum order of 25 pcs (some even specify 100 pcs) but based on the feedback at The Photography Show in March of this year we decided to reduce the MOQ for all of our Photography “bundles” to just 10 (ten)! This has reduced significantly the initial cash outlay to make the move to USB’s and gives photographers the chance to test the different types and styles of USB sticks and gift boxes without making a large commitment.

But even an MOQ of 10 pcs is too many for some so in response we have now introduced the option to buy a “sample pack” of any of our Photography USB Bundles – Prices start at around £25 and for this you’ll get a fully customised (printed or engraved) 4GB or 8GB USB memory stick (with a high performance chipset) and you’ll get a printed or engraved box to go with it. To be clear it will be your logo, design, artwork and text that goes on the USB stick and box and there are NO additional set-up costs or print origination costs to worry about either.

USB Flash Drive Sample Packs for Photographers

The beauty of the sample option is that you can order two or three different packs to test which works best for you before you commit to a larger order (when the price per unit will drop significantly) BUT, you can also use the sample pack option to order fully personalised USB sticks and boxes – again, one of the things we were asked for at the show was the option to engrave or print clients names on the sticks – so for a wedding shoot the sticks (and gift boxes) could have the names of the bride and groom printed on them – the Sample Box option gives you this scope!

The lead time for the Sample Packs is around 7 days from artwork approval. The ordering process is easy as well because we’ve “bolted” this onto our sister site USBNow which has a secure check-out payment process and allows for payment by credit card, debit card and PayPal. For more information visit USBNow and the USB Flash Drives – Photographers section!


Promotional USB Sticks – Free Lanyards

Posted by USB2U on 19th February 2014 | Permalink

If you’re looking to buy some promotional USB memory sticks during February and March 2014 then it’s definitely worth checking out the options available from USB2U.

Not only do they offer a huge range of USB sticks but they also have a wide range of gift boxes, lanyards, key-rings and engraved ‘dog tags” that can be used individually or together to make a fantastic promotional package. For a limited time the lanyards are free with any order of 100 or more USB Sticks (just quote FreeLanyards).

In addition to free lanyards you can also get up to 300MB of data pre-loaded onto your USB sticks at no extra cost – the only proviso is that you’re not ordering your USB sticks on their Express or Super Express service (24hrs – 72hr delivery service).

There are lots of different colours of lanyard to choose from and with around 100,000 in stock in the UK there are plenty to go around! If its something that might be of interest to you then speak to one of the sales team and get a quote that includes the free lanyards (and free data loads)!

Irrespective of which colour you choose all of our USB lanyards come with a quick release mechanism that allows you to remove the USB stick from the lanyard without having to struggle to get the whole thing over your head! A small number of the USB sticks they sell don’t have an option to connect a lanyard

USB with Lanyards

USB with Lanyards


Data Loading on USB Flash Drives – An Evil Necessity

Posted by USB2U on 17th January 2014 | Permalink

One of the primary reasons that so many companies are using promotional USB flash drives is because they are looking for a simple, easy and convenient way to distribute lots of information to their customers (or prospective customers). Whether it’s information on new products, pricing, seminar or conference notes, video presentations or any mix of these then USB drives that are pre-loaded with the data are a great solution.

CD’s and DVD’s used to be the preferred option but so few laptops and desktop PC’s now ship with a CD/DVD player that it’s a risk relying on people being able to use these. Arguably with the shift toward tablets (most of which don’t have USB ports) the same issues apply to USB sticks but most people still have a PC or laptop at home or work and all of these will have a USB port.

The other benefit of handing out a USB drives with your data pre-loaded onto them is that flash drives have a high perceived value (much higher than a CD or DVD) and as such people like being given them and that in turns help them to build a bond with any brand printed onto the drive. If you hand out flash drives with spare capacity on (and this is typically always the case) then you’re giving something away that has on-going use after your data has been read. This in turn means your flash drives (with your brand printed on them) will get repeat usage and your brand will get repeat exposure.

USB Data Loading Services from USB2U

USB Data Loading Services from USB2U

The real headache is how you get the data onto the USB flash drives before you hand them out! Often files, video and presentation notes are not ready to load until right at the very last minute and if this means you have to load the data yourself then in could take hours and in some cases days! Transferring 1GB of data from your PC could take 10+ minutes per drive – multiply this by say 500 and you can see the challenge!

By far the best way is to get your promotional USB flash drive supplier to data-load them for you. Typically they will have industrial data loading machines that will bulk transfer the files to multiple drives (each machine usually has a “master slot” and can copy the data to up to 20 USB drives in the same time that you could copy one!).

Most suppliers offer this service free of charge for up to 200MB of data but the charges for larger data loads are only pennies – it’ll be the best money you ever spend. No one in their right minds would voluntarily opt to data load their own USB sticks one at a time on their PC.


We Ship Anywhere in the World and we can deliver within 48hrs of an Order!

Posted by USB2U on 16th January 2014 | Permalink

We’re based in Northampton in the UK and we’re now in our 12th year of supplying USB memory sticks. Until recently we only supplied customers in the UK with the occasional shipment into mainland Europe but due to unprecedented demand for our products and services we now ship anywhere in the World.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in based in Birmingham in the UK or Birmingham in Alabama (USA) or for that matter Timbuktu we’re more than happy to take your order and ship our unique range of USB memory sticks and USB gift boxes to you.

We’ve partnered up with UPS who are one of the worlds most trusted and respected international shipping and logistics companies. Anywhere UPS deliver we deliver. It’s as simple as that. Shipments into Europe, the USA and Canada are usually delivered within 1 day of being sent. Shipments to the rest of the world usually take no more than 2-3 days.



The combination of our 24hr “rush” printing or engraving service and UPS’s next day delivery means we can often deliver USB sticks to Europe, the USA and Canada within 48hrs and the rest of the world in 3-4 days.

Check out what our customers (including many international customers) are saying about our product and service on the USB2U Trustpilot review site.

If you’d like a quote for USB sticks and USB gift boxes then just give us a call on +44 1604 684811 or simply click on the “Quote Request” button above.

We think you’ll be surprised by just how competitive our USB prices are and in particular how inexpensive our international delivery charges (they start from as little as £15).

If you’re in based in the EU and you have a VAT number then we can supply your order VAT free (orders shipped to the rest of the world are sent with a zero rated invoice but do be aware that local taxes and duties may be payable on receipt – these vary from country to country so you’re concerned about these then it might be worth speaking to your local customs office).

If there are any charges to pay (taxes and/or import Duty) then UPS will take care of all the paperwork for you – you’ll just need to pay these fees on receipt of your order.


If don’t Like any of our USB Flash Drives – Build your own!

Posted by USB2U on 2nd January 2014 | Permalink

We currently have around 100 different USB flash drive designs in our portfolio so there is usually at least one model that appeals to any business or school looking to buy them. If however you want something unique, something that only your company or school will have then you could either build your own or commission a bespoke design.

If you want to have a go at building your own (and lots of schools and colleges do this as part of their GCSE Design Technology course) then we can supply you with the core USB flash memory, the controller chips, the capacitor and the USB connector – it’s not as complicated as it sounds. All of these core components are supplied on a single PCB – you just need to design the shell that goes around this. Each PCB is a uniform shape and size and we can supply the memory size to suit your budget.

Build Your Own USB Memory Sticks

Build Your Own USB Memory Sticks

If you buy the USB PCB’s as part of a school project/competition and there was a “winning design” then we could take the winning design into full production and supply the entire school with a branded (printed or engraved) version of the stick. If it’s really good and we feel that it has wider commercial appeal we might even consider working with you to jointly develop the design and market the design. The school would enjoy royalties on the sale of each USB stick!

If you don’t fancy having a go at building your own but instead want us to develop a custom USB stick in the shape of one of your products or perhaps in the shape of your logo or something that represents who you are and what you do then no problem – we’re up for that!

All you need to do is send us a rough idea or what you’re after even basic photographs of any product you want us to copy will do. We can often get enough to go on from a website or product sheets. What you don’t need to do/supply is detailed drawings or CAD files – we take care of all this for you.

Over the years we’ve produced some fantastic custom USB flash drives including USB dinosaurs, USB ducks, USB lipsticks and so on. Surprisingly the minimum order quantity is only 200 pcs and there are no set-up, tooling or design costs to worry about. The finished USB sticks will cost a little bit more than standard factory designs but we’re only talking pennies!

Bespoke USB Memory Sticks

Bespoke USB Memory Sticks

Whether you want to build your own USB flash drive or want us to design and build them for you just give us a call and speak to one of our team. We’d love to hear from you because we love doing custom USB sticks!


Could You Pay for Your World Challenge Trip by Selling USB Memory Sticks

Posted by USB2U on 27th November 2013 | Permalink

It’s that time of the year when lots of schools are beginning to think about their World Challenge Trips for next year and in some cases, because the amount of fundraising required, the year beyond.

Although some of these expeditions can cost £3,000 or more per student demand is usually pretty strong and often there is a clamour for the limited spaces on offer. It’s perhaps no surprise really when you consider that you might find yourself trekking in Bolivia or working with one of the local schools in Sri Lanka. Whatever and wherever the expedition is you can be pretty sure that it will challenge you physically; that it will help you to develop a whole range of personal skills and that you’ll build new friendships that will last a lifetime.

In some respects the biggest challenge of signing up for any of the World Challenge expeditions is raising the money to pay for the trip. The expectation (unless you’ve got wealthy parents) is that any participant will raise about 80% of the cost of the trip themselves from a number of fundraising activities – that’s typically about £2,800 so it’s no mean feat!

So, if you’ve been fortunate to get a place on one of the expeditions but now you’re worried about how you raise the money the first thing to say is “Don’t panic”. There are lots of forums on the web that will help with ideas and there are plenty of Facebook groups that will offer advice and support. Often it will mean working as a “group” and getting yourself organised – common fund raising activities include things like Bag packing, Sponsored bike rides, Skydiving, Quiz nights and so on.

Something a little different that you might like to consider is selling branded USB memory sticks – versions of USB sticks that have been printed with your school logo on and/or possibly details of the Challenge trip.

USB memory sticks are really popular at the moment because they’re easy to use; they’re small and handy to carry around. At school or university they are an absolute necessity to take work between school and home so pretty much every student needs one. They’re not expensive to buy and they can be sold at a reasonable profit to the other students. There are also loads of great designs to choose from including some really neat “snap” wristband USB sticks.

World Challenge Fund Raising With USB Wristbands

World Challenge Fund Raising With USB Wristbands

There are lots of opportunities to sell USB memory sticks printed with a brand or logo including selling them to your friends, your fellow students and your teachers, lecturers and family! If your school holds sports days, award ceremonies, stages plays or has musical performances then you could record these and load the video footage and/or photographs onto the USB sticks and sell them to pupils and parents.

Ideally you need to find supplier (like USB2U) that is sympathetic to your fundraising requirements and will offer them to you at a discount and will ideally offer you 30-day payment terms meaning you won’t have to pay upfront for them. You may need to ask you school to place the order on your behalf to secure the payment terms but if you can do this then you’ve got around a month to sell some before you have to pay for them.

If you think selling printed or engraved USB memory sticks might be a good way to raise money for your expedition then get in touch with USB2U – it’s free to call on their 0800 number!


USB Flash Drives in a Hurry – No Problem

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If you’ve decided your event, seminar, exhibition, conference, press event or important client meeting needs some USB memory sticks printed with your company name or logo on and also pre-loaded with your marketing material then bear in mind that these items are rarely available overnight.

Most UK suppliers of promotional USB memory sticks quote between 6 to 14 days (working days) to deliver personalized and data-loaded USB sticks and often even these timescales are ambitious and wrapped up in caveats about possible “customs delays” and factors outside of the suppliers control.

These might be reasonable and understandable warnings but they’re no use to you if you simply have to have your USB sticks by a certain date and time is already against you. After all, if you’re organizing an event and your boss ha dropped on you at the last minute that you need personalized USB sticks the last thing you need is any added stress and uncertainty!

The fundamental problem is that most suppliers hold zero stock in the UK so any order placed on them will be produced in China and then flown into the

USB Flash Drives in a Hurry

USB Flash Drives in a Hurry

UK by UPS, DHL or one of the other carriers. So the promise of say “6 days” assumes they can manufacture, print, and ship into the UK (and then on-ship overnight to you) without any hitches. Of course even with companies that run the slickest of operations this leaves loads of risk; production problems, freight problems, customs delays and UK courier issues to name but a few!

Far better if you’re on a tight timeframe to de-risk the while thing and order your promotional USB sticks from a local (UK based) company that holds stock in the UK and can print (or engrave) and data-load in-house. One such company is USB2U – with over 20 different models available on their UK rush service they have the most comprehensive local offering of any supplier.

They don’t stop with USB sticks either because they also carry a wide range of USB gift boxes and packaging options all of which can also be personalized (printed or engraved) and these, like their USB sticks can be delivered in as little as 24hrs! No production worries, no international freight issues, no customs delays to get stressed over and if you choose their 24hr Rush Service they’ll guarantee delivery in the morning via UPS!

Until recently getting USB sticks in a hurry meant lots of compromises had to be made on model, colour, memory size and packaging options but USB2U have stood all of this on it’s head. So, if you need USB flash drives in a hurry pick up the phone and give them a call on their 0800 number – they’ll even pay for the cost of the call for you!

USB Flash Drives in a Hurry