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Product Spotlight: USB Card Circles

Posted by USB2U on 17th April 2013 | Permalink

USB Circle Cards - Costa Coffee

Another derivative of the original USB credit card, these USB circle cards are just 3mm thick and the USB connector works just the same as on the other card models, by flipping out ready to be plugged into a waiting USB ready device. As the name implies, they make great “button badges” but they work equally well to promote any other “circular product” – we’ve printed these to look like a poker chip, classic vinyl records (very cool!) and even Coca-Cola bottle tops!

  • Outer Casing: Plastic
  • Available Colours: White
  • Memory Sizes: 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
  • Dimensions: 43mm x 43mm x 3mm
  • Branding Options: Full colour digital printing, spot colours
  • Imprint Area: Front/Back
  • Imprint Size: 49mm x 49mm (inc 3mm bleed)
  • Special Options: Pin badge attachment can be included (upon request)
  • USB Card Circle Artwork Guidelines

Please note that Pantone matching and matte rubber coating are not available on this range.

Just like Play School
You may remember the opening sequence from BBC TV classic Play School – “Here’s a house, here’s a door. Windows: 1, 2, 3, 4. Ready to knock? Turn the lock – It’s Play School” – and if you don’t then you need to look it up on YouTube! The show made great use of basic shapes like triangles, squares, circles, with the underlying premise to get the children used to recognising and understanding shapes and how they featured in everyday life. Well, our range of USB cards feature the same shapes, with a lot of demand going toward the circle shape – popular not only because of the quirky shape, but also because we can print in full colour on both sides of the card. This can be full bleed right to the edge of the card and offers a much larger print area to work with than a standard USB stick, meaning complex photo quality images can be re-produced with ease.

Another plus to using the Circle USB cards is that they come with high quality flash memory up to 32GB (which is X4 times the amount of storage you get on most Apple iPhone C models!) Take advantage of this to properly use the memory capacity you’re buying. Don’t just hand them out without anything pre-loaded onto them. Use the memory to load them up with sales collateral, information videos, links to your web pages and social media pages – anything is better than nothing. Don’t worry about the hassle of having to load the data yourselves, either, as we can do this for you!


Be Remembered – Hand out a USB Business Cards

Posted by USB2U on 23rd October 2012 | Permalink

Despite murmurs of a slight recovery in the UK economy, trading conditions are still incredibly tough with many business owners just about getting by and hoping they will see out the recession and still have a business left at the end of it.

During this time businesses will often take a long hard look at their costs base and see where cuts can be made. Typically one of the first areas to take a “hit” is the advertising and marketing budget. Even if this particular budget escapes unscathed from any review there is normally a directive to squeeze more value from any spend. Translated this means negotiate a better deal from your suppliers or spend the money as effectively as possible including a review of new marketing and advertising opportunities and techniques.

For many companies this will mean a shift in focus to the web ensuring their company website is fully optimised and they have a well-executed and complimentary social marketing strategy. For others whose business is primarily conducted face to face we expect to see a shift towards the use of USB Business Cards instead of traditional paper business cards.

USB Business Cards

USB Business Card are the same size as a credit card, they are very thin (2mm thick), they can be printed on both sides and they come in a range of different memory sizes (1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB) with even the smallest memory size capable of being pre-loaded with all of your corporate brochures, product sheets, pricing lists, website links, media files etc.

In a crowded market USB Business Cards can help your business stand out, they create a bit of “buzz” and a “wow” factor when they are handed out and they’re certainly a “ice breaker” if that’s what you need. They fulfil all the basic requirements of a standard business card (giving your contact details, title and website address) but they go so much further than this.

USB Business Cards can help you reduce other marketing spend because:

  • By loading your brochures electronically onto them you can save a small fortune on print, storage and distribution costs
  • They’re excellent for seminar and conference organisers because all of the speakers notes and slides cab be pre-loaded onto them again saving print and collation costs.
  • You create a great reason to pick up the phone and make a follow up call – “did you have a chance to read the brochure on the USB card, watch the video etc.”
  • They’ll create a much stronger and longer lasting impact than a standard business card so you get a much bigger bang for your buck!

USB2U are currently offering free leather wallets or free magnetic boxes for with all orders of USB business cards but be quick because the offer won’t last long!

USB Business Card Offer Back

Some Great Packing Options for Printed USB Credit Cards

Posted by USB2U on 28th August 2012 | Permalink

Printed USB credit cards and printed USB business cards are incredibly popular at the moment. Partly it’s because they are a little bit different from the general range of USB memory sticks on offer and partly it’s because they allow you to print much larger images with much greater clarity.

The fact that they are only 2mm thick and therefore slip easily into a purse or wallet designed to take a regular credit card or business card also adds to their appeal. Surprisingly given how slim they are they still come in memory sizes all the way up to a whopping 16GB which is more than the storage that you used to get on some PC’s only a few years ago!

USB Credit Card Magnetic Boxes USB2U

When these USB cards are printed to look just like a regular business card they typically have contact details on one side and the company logo and information on the other but unlike regular paper or card business cards the USB versions can also have lots of information about the company pre-loaded onto the card before they are handed out. This makes them particularly good for use at  trade shows and exhibitions because instead of printing and transporting lots of glossy brochures and then stapling a business card to them the business card has the brochure, web site details, video clips etc. pre-installed onto it!

Getting USB cards pre-loaded with brochures and other files is typically free providing you have the information ready before the cards are produced but even if you can’t get the information this early in the process the post-production cost to load data is only pennies.

USB Credit Card Wallets

If you really want to push the boat out with your USB cards then you can order them with a number of different packing solutions. Some of the more popular are plastic magnetic clip boxes and black leather style wallets. Both of these protect the card and certainly add to the overall aesthetic of the card as a “gift”. The plastic clip boxes are transparent so the logo of any printed USB card inserted in them can still be seen quite clearly but they are a little heavier and bigger than the leather style wallets that slip tightly around the USB cards.

Both options are available from USB2U. The magnetic boxes can be printed as well and the cards and boxes are available as part of USB2U’s standard rush service.


Ultra Thin USB Cards Double Up As Business Cards

Posted by USB2U on 19th March 2012 | Permalink

Like a lot of trends in the computing sector at the moment the humble USB flash drive has gone all thin and low profile.  A standard lozenge shaped drive USB drive is around 7mm thick so it’s not exactly heavy round the girth but a version of the drive that has become popular very quickly is the super thin business card shaped drive that’s’ only 2mm thick!

In reality this is about as thin as they are every going to get because the USB connector is about this thick on it’s own and it needs to be secured in some sort of housing.

Wafer Think USB Cards

Some describe these super thin or “wafer” style USB cards as “credit card USB flash drives” others refer to them as “business card USB drives” – either way they’re very very thin and with the launch of the MacBook Air, the iPad and other ultraportable laptops they are bang on trend.

The beauty of these USB drives when printed up to look like a business card is that they still look like the business cards we’re all used to handling, giving out and receiving. They fit in standard business card wallets and they immediately convey the core information about the person giving out the cards.

But, the real beauty of these USB business cards only becomes apparent when you plug them into your PC. If the giver of the card has been sensible he or she will have pre-loaded them with details of their companies products, price lists, technical data, press releases and where possible media files (movie clips, audio files etc.) In doing this an inert business card can be brought to life and becomes not just a carrier of personal information but a fully blown advert and sales aid.

Because they are so thin the cards can easily be sent out in the post with attracting higher package post charges – in fact they’re so thin and light you can get away with sending them out using standard first class post albeit they create their biggest impact when they are handed out in the same way you’d hand out conventional business cards.

Expect to pay a little bit more for this type of USB flash drive but bear in mind they are usually printed with lots of different contact names and phone numbers on and the set-up of this leads to the higher price.


USB Business Cards – Delivered in 24hrs

Posted by USB2U on 9th January 2012 | Permalink

Here’s an interesting idea – don’t just hand out an inert paper based business card during your next meeting or at a trade show or event card but instead upgrade your business cards and hand out the latest USB business cards!

USB business cards are the size of a credit or bank card, they are printed with the same information as a usual business card (name, title, company details, phone numbers, email address and your company logo etc.) but the one big difference is that the card has up to 16GB of on-board memory. The on-board memory can start at 1GB and options at 2GB, 4GB, 8Gb and 16GB are available.

USB Business Cards

USB Business Cards

Although they look like any standard business card, they work just like any regular USB flash drive – just “flip out” the USB connector and connect it to any PC or Mac and your business card can deliver thousands of documents, a full multi-media experience or links to your website or any combination of these!

So, instead of your business card supplying basic contact information about you and your business it can now offer the recipient pretty much anything you want to offer them including company presentations, product brochures, price lists, media files, (movies, audio file etc.) links to your web site, flickr pages and Facebook pages etc.

They’re ideal for use at Trade Shows, Press Events, Seminars, and Company Visits/Meetings. The fact that the recipient can

USB Business Cards

USB Business Cards

make use of the memory (storage) on your USB business card to save and store their own data means there is much more likelihood they are going to remember you, your business and what you have to offer them.

You might not want to replace all of your business cards with USB cards simply because of the cost but selective replacement and use makes sense because of the advantages they offer and the opportunity for greater opportunity for brand development they deliver.

USB2U can supply USB business cards on very competitive terms and uniquely they can supply them printed in as little as 24hrs. Although the minimum order is 25 cards you can have 25 different and contact details printed on each card or you could have them all the same – your call.

The pricing might surprise you as well – compared to a small print run of paper cards on a “rush” service they don’t work out that much more expensive. Give the team at USB2U a call or fill in the online quote form on their web site and they’ll get back to you in a flash!