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Branded Memory Sticks – Looking Forward to 2010

Posted by USB2U on 4th January 2010 | Permalink

Branded Memory Sticks have quickly established themselves as one of the key promotional items in the Sales & Promotion sector. Their popularity stems from several key factors including their inherent usefulness, their ability to carry a brand or logo extremely well, their small, portable size and their cost.

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Branded Memory Sticks – Size Matters

Posted by USB2U on 30th November 2009 | Permalink

Sales of branded memory sticks continue to surge as more and more companies look to use them to promote their brand, their products or to use as a give away at conferences and exhibitions. Branded Memory sticks make great vehicles for brand promotion and brand development and the fact that you can pre-load them with tons of sales material (PDF brochures, videos, and presentations) helps justify their cost.

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Logo USB Custom Memory Sticks – What & Why?

Posted by USB2U on 29th October 2009 | Permalink

If you’re considering getting some USB memory sticks with your logo printed on them then why not take it one stage further and get a memory stick produced in the shape of your logo!

It’s true that the most popular approach is to simply print a brand or logo onto a standard factory designed stick but with the cost of custom memory sticks falling its now pretty much possible to make a memory stick in the shape of anything.

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Custom Memory Sticks – Why?

Posted by USB2U on 27th October 2009 | Permalink

Custom USB sticks really do help you stand out from the crowd and the cost to produce them has fallen substantially. Pretty much anything can be produced so get your thinking caps on.

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USB Memory Stick Accessories – don’t forget them!

Posted by USB2U on 23rd October 2009 | Permalink

A memory stick is a great way to transport data but they can easily find the bottom of your pocket or bag. It is a good idea to remember that USB2U can provide a range of suitable accessories and packaging to help avoid losing that important little stick! There are many different options of accessories and packaging available such as, lanyards, key rings, carabiners and USB extension cables.

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