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We’re Getting All Eggcited About Our Custom USB Flash Drives

Posted by USB2U on 12th March 2010 | Permalink

Maybe its because Easter is fast approaching or maybe its because they are incredibly cute but our custom USB eggs certainly seem to be hitting the mark at the moment.

The two latest customers to commission these custom USB eggs were Teesside University and the highly regarded video games design and production company Alien After All.

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Snap, Snap, Snap… Aah!

Posted by USB2U on 1st March 2010 | Permalink

That’s the sound of the little magnetic boxes closing around the branded memory sticks lovingly presented in their cute little clasp boxes. Sitting snugly in their foam beds inside the boxes are printed memory sticks, resting, ready to spring into life and become brand heroes and data savers. Commissioned by savvy marketers and brand owners […]

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Customised USB Memory – Tip 3. How To Select Your Supplier

Posted by USB2U on 18th February 2010 | Permalink

In the third of the series of top tips to consider when purchasing Customised USB Memory Sticks, we explain some of the elements you should consider when selecting a supplier of Branded USB Memory sticks. There are two options to consider: Option 1. Selecting a supplier from the UK Most orders for Customised USB Memory […]

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Cheap Printed Flash Drives – Fact or Fiction

Posted by USB2U on 11th February 2010 | Permalink

Everyone loves a bargain but is there such a thing as a good quality cheap printed flash drive. Considering that any item that is printed with your company’s brand effectively becomes an ambassador for you company its important when sourcing branded products that you don’t compromise on the core quality of the product by buying cheap.

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If You’re Buying Branded USB Memory Sticks Take 5 Minutes to Read This

Posted by USB2U on | Permalink

Its no exaggeration to say that USB memory sticks are now incredibly popular to the point where they have replaced CD’s and DVD’s as the way to backup personal data and carry it from place to place. Their popularity is driven by their ease of use, their portability and their relatively low cost. Its not uncommon for people to have multiple flash drives with one for work and one for personal data and of course they tend to get replaced/upgraded every year or so to the “latest” model or just a version with more storage capacity.

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