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Custom USB Flash Drives – Promotional Products Par Excellence

Posted by USB2U on 10th May 2010 | Permalink

If you’re looking for a promotional product or corporate gift then you should give custom USB flash drives serious consideration. Don’t just settle for the all too obvious branded mug, baseball cap, T-shirt, pen or soft toy because they’ve all be done to death already and promotional products need to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

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UK Election Results Hits Price of Branded Memory Sticks

Posted by USB2U on 7th May 2010 | Permalink

Although there are a few seats still left to be declared it’s already obvious that no party in the UK general election will gain a sufficient majority to prevent a hung Parliament. Political commentators have been predicting this in the run up to what has turned out to be one of the most closely fought elections in recent times so whilst it has not come as a great surprise the financial markets are reacting badly to the result.

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Pantone Matched Twister Memory Sticks

Posted by USB2U on 6th May 2010 | Permalink

The ever popular branded Twister USB memory stick is now available in any colour you want. That’s right so long as you order at least 100 pieces and you’re not taking advantage of our rush service where we are supplying you from our UK stock you can specify the body shell of the Twister in whatever colour takes your fancy.

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Lanyard USB Memory Sticks – Ideal for Seminars and Conferences

Posted by USB2U on 5th May 2010 | Permalink

If you’ve got a seminar, conference or sales kick-off meeting coming up soon then no doubt you’ll be thinking about all of the logistical issues that need putting in place to ensure the event runs smoothly. These events can, for the organiser(s) at least, be a thankless task, not helped by the fact that there are so many elements to consider, plan for, book and get right.

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Twister Branded Memory Sticks – Lets Twist Again

Posted by USB2U on | Permalink

With a nod in the direction of Chubby Checker its nearly summer so it its time to twist again like we did last year. Seriously though if you are looking for a good looking, compact, hardwearing and reliable branded memory stick that looks excellent when printed then look no further than the “Twister” model.

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Custom USB Memory Sticks – Sitting And Reflecting

Posted by USB2U on 4th May 2010 | Permalink

There is no doubt about it, a custom USB memory stick done well will grab peoples attention, gets them engaged with you and your company and gets them talking about your product(s). Really good examples of custom USB memory sticks can create a viral “chatter” beyond your initial target audience.

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Promotional Flash Drives – Dome Stickers

Posted by USB2U on 30th April 2010 | Permalink

Mention the word “sticker” in the context of promotional flash drives and you don’t always get a positive reaction. For some reason peoples perception of stickers is that they will look cheap and nasty and that they’re just a poor relation to memory sticks where the body of the memory stick itself is printed.

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Branded Memory Sticks – Pick A Colour

Posted by USB2U on 29th April 2010 | Permalink

When you’re selecting a branded memory stick to print your company logo on its easy to think that your only options are the standard colours the sticks come in. Typically these will be the usual red, blue, black, white and silver with the occasional green and yellow thrown in for good measure depending on the model you’re interested in.

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Branded Memory Sticks Also Known As….

Posted by USB2U on 27th April 2010 | Permalink

We thought it might be fun to come up with a list of names given to what we typically call a branded memory stick. After all there can’t be many products that have gained such global popularity whilst leaving a trail of confusion in its wake about what its actually called.

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Chinese Labour Day Holiday – Order Your Flash Drives Now

Posted by USB2U on 26th April 2010 | Permalink

It only seems like a couple of weeks ago that we had Chinese New Year when the factories in China that manufacture branded flash drives closed down for a couple of weeks but it was in Early February. The next holiday to have an impact of lead times of branded flash drives in Chinese Labour Day. Order early to avoid disappointment

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