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Branded Memory Sticks – Available WorldWide From USB2U

Posted by USB2U on 31st May 2010 | Permalink

Since 2002, USB2U has been supplying branded USB Memory Sticks to companies, schools and universities in the UK with the occasional overseas customers thrown in for good measure. During this time it has established itself as one of the leading authorities on the flash drive market and a supplier that has become trusted by many global brands including Microsoft, Intel, Barclays, HSBC, Porsche and Maserati to name but a few.

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The Winner In The Clubhouse – Custom USB Golf Clubs and Balls

Posted by USB2U on 28th May 2010 | Permalink

The golf equipment and clothing market is a multi-billion pound global market, which given that there are reckoned to be in excess of 30 million regular golfers worldwide is not surprising. Like many sports several key brands tend to dominate the market albeit these brands tend to fragment into clubs, golf balls, clothing and accessories. Custom USB flash drives in the shape of golf equipment is just one way the manufacturers are now fiighting for consumer spend

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Branded Flash Drives – Content for Conferences

Posted by USB2U on 27th May 2010 | Permalink

If you’ve got a Conference or Seminar coming up soon you’ll no doubt be wandering, amongst the million and one other things you have to do, about the best way to ensure all of the delegates get copies of the speakers notes, presentation slides and other conference material.
You could of course just load all of the information onto a web site and give the delegates the web address to go to and download the information. For some this will be fine but for many they’ve come to expect something tangible such as a CD, DVD or Flash Drive.

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Top 10 USB corporate gifts

Posted by USB2U on | Permalink

If you’re looking for something a little bit different and we can’t tempt you with our brilliant range of branded USB flash drives then why not consider some of the other USB corporate products we supply.

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Discounted USB Flash Drives For Schools & Universities

Posted by USB2U on 21st May 2010 | Permalink

Demand for branded flash drives from schools and universities over the past few years has been strong and is expected to gain momentum during 2010. Although school and university budgets are coming under increased scrutiny and pressure it seems that the popularity of the branded flash drive means they will escape any capping of budgets relatively unscathed.

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Festival Season Kicks Off – Do Branded Flash Drives Have A Place

Posted by USB2U on 20th May 2010 | Permalink

But how best to market to them after all no at a concert will have the remotest interest in being bombarded with paper flyers, leaflets or sales brochures. So you’ve either got to get very creative and go with things that will be useful at the event like hats, caps, umbrella’s, plastic poncho’s, toy balls, beer openers etc. or you’ve got to come up with something that is immediately recognised as being “valuable” and will be useful post the event.

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Looking Good In Leather – Branded Flash Drives

Posted by USB2U on 19th May 2010 | Permalink

There’s something about words leather and flash in the same sentence but here goes. The branded flash memory stick market tends to be dominated (perhaps dominated is not the right word either) by standard plastic and metal products but for those looking for something a little different there is always leather.

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