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Dangerous Goods

Did you know that USB2U are accredited to handle dangerous goods?

Posted by USB2U on 18th October 2017 | Permalink

As you may be aware USB2U sends out a lot of tech products to clients every day. As such the laws around sending out such products are constantly being changed and updated in order to ensure that health and safety remain’s paramount throughout the distribution and delivery process, as well as for the end consumer. For products […]

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USB2U 15th Anniversary Logo

The History of USB2U

Posted by USB2U on 3rd October 2017 | Permalink

This week marked USB2U’s 15th anniversary and as such we thought it would be fitting to look back on the history of the business and how far it has come since its humble beginnings back in 2002. Having started out as one of the first UK USB suppliers, the company now offers promotional tech products […]

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China's Golden Week - USB2U

China’s Golden Week- What you need to know

Posted by USB2U on 7th September 2017 | Permalink

As has been the case for many years now, China celebrates two key holidays each Autumn. The first is National Day which is held on the 1st of October and lasts for 7 days to commemorate the formation of the People’s Republic of China. This week long break is often referred to as Golden Week […]

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Wedding Photo Booth

How USB’s can benefit your Photo Booth offering

Posted by USB2U on 16th August 2017 | Permalink

Photo Booths have become a popular feature at many weddings and special occasions in recent years. The main appeal for these is the fact that they provide a fun and inherently different way of taking photos of guests. The increase in quality and design of such booths has also aided this development allowing hiring companies to […]

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Slim 4000 Power Bank

Branded Tech Gifts now in UK Stock

Posted by USB2U on 9th August 2017 | Permalink

At USB2U we understand the importance of time when it comes to our customers and that not everyone necessarily has a lot of it! So when it comes to our delivery terms we try and offer flexibility wherever possible with our UK Express Service. As you can imagine however, this entirely depends on the sort of […]

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White Trinket Box- Lorna Preston

Congratulations Lorna from all of us at USB2U!

Posted by USB2U on 25th July 2017 | Permalink

A big congratulations to Lorna Preston from the whole team here at USB2U, for not only placing as a finalist for the “Photographer of the Year” but for also winning a top award at the Annual Newborn Photography Show. The show itself is the largest of its kind in Europe which is aimed specifically at […]

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USB Card for Universities

How USB’s can Benefit the Open Day Experience

Posted by USB2U on 18th July 2017 | Permalink

The practice of universities operating an ‘open day’ has become very common over the last decade or so. Many institutions recognise it as an important contributor in helping prospective undergraduates decide on where their futures ultimately lie. A great deal of planning is therefore required to ensure that the initial impression given at each event […]

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Medical USB

The USB Stick Health Guide

Posted by USB2U on 11th July 2017 | Permalink

USB sticks are a well established product used predominantly for the storing and transferring of data between devices. As such they have become the staple product for many when it comes to convenience as well as speed, while essentially being a universally recognised plug & play device. With that being said, those using USB’s or […]

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School Leaver

5 Tech Gifts for School Leavers

Posted by USB2U on 29th June 2017 | Permalink

School’s out!…Almost We’re getting towards that time of year again that children love and parents fear, as the academic year comes to a close in a couple of weeks time. It’s during this period that classes start to wind down and teachers start preparing their pupils to move on to different schools/colleges, which can be […]

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Summer Festival

Branded Tech Products to have this Festival Season

Posted by USB2U on 21st June 2017 | Permalink

The first day of Summer is upon us and with it comes the height of the festival season including Glastonbury which kicks off today. With millions of people attending live music events around the country each year, it’s not surprising that many companies take the opportunity to promote their brands wherever possible. As festivals have garnered more popularity […]

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